Saif Ali Khan teaches Deepika Padukone yoga!

The newly-crowned nawab turns yoga instructor for his Cocktail co-star

Saif Ali Khan is on a mission these days. He wants his co-stars to be physically fit and mentally agile. We hear that the 42-year-old actor swears by yoga to stay healthy. Even during the shooting of his upcoming film Cocktail, Saifu made sure that he carried his yoga mat everywhere. Be it on the street or in the park, whenever he got a free moment, he would make it a point to spread out his yoga mat and start doing his asanas.

And Saif did not stop there. He would invite his co-actors Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty for yoga sessions on the set and he managed to teach them some important yoga lessons too. We hear that both Dippy and Di would sportingly do the stretches and breathing exercises with Saif.

We think Saifu’s girlfriend Kareena Kapoor introduced him to yoga. It’s an open secret that Bebo is into the philosophy big time and she wants her beau to do regular asanas to be equally fit and sexy.

So has yoga turned the jumpy actor into a calm, composed and collected being? The answer to that is a big NO. We hear that after a few minutes of sensible teaching and yogasnas, Saif would get back to his usual prankster mode!