Posted Wed, November 20, 2013 7:30pm IST

Saif does it yet again. Wondering what? He has converted another film character into a comic book

Just a few months back, a graphic novel by the name The Legend of Bullett Raja was launched. Based on Saif Ali Khan’s character in Bullett Raja, we hear that the novel was quite a hit in the digital world.

Now we hear that the filmmakers are planning to give life to his character from Bullett Raja in the comic book world. And guess who came up with this idea? Well, none other than the film’s lead, Saif Ali Khan, who is an ardent fan of comics. Earlier, Saif had also converted his film Agent Vinod into a comic. In the new comic, Saif’s character Raja Mishra will be seen in a rustic avatar and its hand drawn with an informal touch.

Well, considering the graphic novel was a hit in the digital world, we hope that Saif’s comic becomes equally popular in the print world.