Posted Thu, January 3, 2013 3:03pm IST

The couple who has refrained from making any statements about their relationship so far finally decided to come out in the open

At the premiere of Marathi film Balak Palak held by Riteish Deshumukh last evening, his good friend Sajid Khan arrived arm-in-arm with girlfriend Jacqueline Fernandez, stunning everybody who was present at the event, including the members of the media.

Obviously, the couple has suddenly decided to make a loud and clear statement that they are very much together. The Race 2 actor, who is still trying to enter B-town’s big league, had kept mum on the subject so far because she didn’t want the attention to shift from her career to her relationship with the director.

But looks like the hide-and-seek game with the media is a thing of the past now. The two looked quite comfortable posing for the cameras and were even spotted walking out of the event hand-in-hand. Now, that’s what we call being cool!

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