Sakshi Tanwar is not quitting Bade Acche Lagte Hain!

Sakshi Tanwar quits Bade acche Lagte Hain
Yogen Shah

Update: Sony confirms that the actor is not leaving the show

As soon as this story first went live, we got a call from Sony informing us that Sakshi has not quit the show. “It’s true there are rumours that Sakshi will be quitting, but that’s ‘coz she is in coma. And in most soaps when a person meets with an accident or goes in to coma, people think that the character is about to die or leave the show. However, in this case there is no such thing. Sakshi Tanwar is not quitting the show,” said a spokesperson from the channel.

So it seems Sakshi will indeed be part of the serial…until she decides she wants to move on. It’s great news for Sakhi’s fans that she is not quitting Bade Acche Lagte Hain. We’re looking forward to seeing her more on the show!

The media circuit is rife with rumours that the star actor quitting Ekta Kapoor’s popular show, but we wonder why

Sakshi Tanwar became a star after her hit show Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii which was on air for eight years. After doing cameo roles and trying her hand at production and direction, the actor made a comeback to television.

In 2011, Sakshi became the talk of the town again for starring opposite Ram Kapoor in the hatke soap, Bade Acche Lagte Hain as Priya Kapoor. The show was initially set to run for a short period, but the popularity of the Sony show gave the makers incentive to stretch the storyline. After several leaps, the show is now going to shift its attention to Priya’s kids and divert from the love story of a middle-aged couple.

We recently heard rumours about Sakshi planning to quit the show and her coma sequence will be the base to this plot. Fenil Umrigar, who now plays the adult Pihu said that Priya may leave the show and the serial will now concentrate on Ram and the kids. “With Priya in coma and speculations rife that she may leave the show, it’s over to Ram and his daughters. In the coming episodes he will be shown parenting his children as a friend, father and guide.”

A source informed, “There are rumours that Sakshi will be quitting the show. However the producers are still in talks with the actor.” So when the show is so popular and getting good ratings, why is the lead actor quitting?

Wethinks, since the story is going to concentrate on the next generation, Sakshi will not have much to do on the show. And maybe the makers were planning age Ram and Priya further by making them grandparents. Now we’d understand is Sakshi doesn’t want to age that much onscreen. However it could also be that our favourite actor is asking for a raise without which she might have refused to continue on the show.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • zain

    sakshi is coming in bigg boss season 7

    • Priya

      PLZ aunty once more plz come no quit

  • Tom

    No Please priyaji, dont quit the show. We need the original track of BALH back.. The current track is boring

  • prince patel

    plz sakshi dont quit bade ache lagte hai.we dont want any twist. we are watching for you and ram not any body else….if u quit why should we see

    • Margi

      Please come back priya

  • Sana

    Priya is the only reason I m watching this… Sakshiji aap agar show chodke jaa rahe hain toh hamare dil todke jaa rahe hain!

  • Samir

    I am watching the serial from beginning and watched all the episode of “bade achhe lagte hain”. I will stop watching the serial the day Priya will move out from the serial..

  • Rajul

    Thank God for continuation of Ms.Shakshi in BALH,without her non of the viewers must be interested watching kids growing up & their affairs.

    All the best Ms Shakshi


  • lily

    There is a deep bond of love between Ram and Priya. It is upsetting to see that Pihu is pushing Ram towards Juhi. There a is only one mother Priya who stood by her family through thick and thin.Let Ram reminiscence with his memories of his beloved will go on for Ram with the thought of his wife who knew his every move. Let him be. Keep Priya’s memory sacred.

  • devi

    I love very very much Priya and Ram. Do not quit priya mam. We want you and Ram. I am watching this serial for only you ram .

  • hani

    plz. sakshi ji ( priya ji ) me apki bohat badi fen hu. so plz quit come.

  • hani

    plz. aap quit mat karo. me starting se bade achhe lagte hai dekhti hu.

  • chirag

    i am watching this serial for only you shakshi (priya) plz come no quit

  • sarendranirmal

    If priya wants to quiting the show then she would be quit then don’t watch bada Aacha lagta Hain

  • Pinki Ghosh

    plz sakhsi u dnt quite….and plz u come to the show as a main chrecter

  • Satheemenon

    Sakshi pl don’t quit the show only for your expressive eyes and natural acting we all watch the show a dozen youngsters are not your substitute just to see you even in coma stage we wait for 10.30 ekta spends lavishly for rubbish dance and college scenes funny marriagehatefulemotions by vikram and neha all rubbish we just wanted to change the channel but in the middle some beautiful parts of rampriyas marriage we just loved it so ekta don’t add any more stars rampriya is enough pl don’t try viewers patience pl change story track give more space to priya our lovely sakshi she alone will increase your trp

  • Satheemenon

    Sakshi get well soon

  • raj

    Sakshi ji plz come in the show bade acche lagte h

  • vikhoto

    We r nt HappY 2 see new pihu….pliz changE hr….

  • reena

    no ways if sakshi goes than show should also go off air…..

  • Almas

    Priya ji plz come back mei aap ka serial BALH sirf aap aur Ram kapoor k liye hi dekhti hu plz plz plz plz plz not quite the show

  • jenny

    hi guys,

    The theme of the story is love between 2 strangers without priyaji this will not fulfill,iam watching this serial in tamil also thats very good.We has a family sit and watch without missing the episodes.Thanks for the director for a best serial which i ever seen practically

  • Margi

    Please come back priya

  • sonali

    New Pihu’s character is soooooo disheartened and mismatched in this show.
    Please Priyaji dont quit the show,b’coz we heartily need the original track of BALH.
    Plzzzzzz come back soon.

  • negaresh

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz priya wake up kindly ekte do some thing 4 priya


    fenil is the best role for pihu.
    she is working excellently in the show.
    she must continue.


    sakshi plz came back in a serial..

  • nethra

    I have been watching this serial since it started. Now a days its getting very bored. As a viewer not only me my whole family really would not like to watch this serial ram without priya and it is also really disgusting to see jhui charater in place of priya. If this would continue then not only me most of the people would not be willing to watch this serial anymore.

  • polly

    priya ke bina ye serial nhi dekhna hai——–bakwas

    • dishu

      priya dont quit the show .want to see priya(sakshi tanwar) n ram(ram) together

  • deepa

    Pls Priya don’t guit the show. Only for you and Ram i am watching the show..without u the show is heartless.

  • uniqe Amer

    its awesome story…please come back Mrs Ram-SAKSI…we love yaar..

    Your fans
    Amer DxB

  • Anu

    Plz priya don’t leave the show u are the heart of this show if u leave nothing interesting would be left to see…. I have been watching this serial from the very first day since it came on air and I am a big fan of u and ram kapoor so plz I beg don’t leave the show…..

    • Vicki

      Priya please come back. The serial has turned really boring with out you

  • mina

    priya please stop the quit.

  • sumit

    Paal mai milke paal mai bichre
    do anjaan ye dil
    suni suni ho geye kese
    cahat ki ye mehefil
    magr chache lagte hai
    tanha e,khamosi,ye aasu


  • satheemenon

    wish to see sakshi on 7th 10.30 be it in bed or in flashbacks. so pl dont disappoint us give some good treatment to cure her we all pray for her

  • trisha

    don’t quit in bade ache lagte hai sakshi mam

  • trisha

    don’t quit in bade ache lagte hai sakshi mam plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come back

  • Rakhi

    Priya and ram are the jaan of this serial.without Priya anyways it’s no fun .not able to stand pihu’s dedication towards juhi and forcing her dad to marry her.

  • ash

    plz come back with ur grace & beauty

  • Muskaan

    Ekta y r u spoiling d series bring piriya bk plzzzz others wise u will lose a lot love u rampriya

  • aaron

    ekta kapoor is rubbish..the show has got no meaning at all now ..all crab

  • sumit

    Plz dont quit the show is running on you shakshi and ram if any of you both quit. Then the show will be flop and there will be no fans for bade acche lagte hain

    Plz dont quit