Salim Khan: Salman Khan is in touch with all his ex-girlfriends!

If you thought there is nobody like Dabangg Khan then you are wrong!

Salman Khan and daddy dearest Salim Khan are ditto, at least that’s what papa Khan believes in. While the Jai Ho actor is known for giving quotable quotes, we know that his script writer father too is no less. In a recent interview to a news daily, Sr Khan talked about his sonny boy and his many girlfriends. He said,“Barring just one or two, he is in touch with all his ex-girlfriends. I too am in touch with each and every girlfriend I have had right from 1956. If any one of them has a problem, I am there. The reason for that is that firstly, we have never parted with any kind of bitterness. And when we parted, we did that with respect. We have never bitched about that person or named her. She may have become someone’s wife and she may have told her husband but we will never embarrass her. In his life also, if any of his girlfriends have a problem, they will consult us, in some cases even their husbands may not know. I have at least five-six ex-girlfriends who are constantly in touch with me. Same for Salman. He can get a new girlfriend, but the old ones remain in touch. They all like him and in my case too, they respect me. Normally when you part, you become bitter. But it has not happened with either him or me.”