Salman denies postponing US trip because of Hurricane Irene, will leave soon

Sallu was to go abroad for medical treatment on Saturday, but we hear he will have to wait for a few more days

After suffering for seven long years, Salman Khan had finally decided to take off to the USA to get the required treatment for his jaw – even though this would have meant that for the first time in many years, he would not have been with his family during Eid and the Ganesh festival. However, Nature has intervened. There were reports that Sallu had postponed his trip due to Hurricane Irene that has hit America’s East coast. But Salman has denied the reports, saying he delayed it due to promotions for Bodyguard. Since Salman’s ailment is not a fatal one, we are guessing he can afford to wait a few more days. Being a smoker, Salman was initially worried that it could have been mouth cancer, but much to his relief it turned out to be trigeminal neuralgia (commonly known as suicide disease, a disorder of the nerves). We wonder why Salman has been suffering silently all these years and why he waited this long to consult a doctor. Was his machismo coming in the way or was it sheer neglect? Anyway, we just hope he gets the treatment done and comes back home hale and hearty.

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