Salman flexed his muscles and we swooned!

The just-released song from Bodyguard, starring Sallu and his Kat is an impressively studly sight that had us stunned

So we had heard a lot about the item numbers in Bodyguard. Kareena declared that she was an actor and did not do special dance numbers that focussed on her wiggle rather than her emoting. So they got Katrina Kaif to do the wiggle thing instead. That got Kareena upset, we heard. So then Bebo decided she would do her bit and wiggle too. And everyone wins, right? The producers wiggle with pleasure all the way to the bank as the lovely ladies’ wiggles make the audiences do their wiggle as they watch. The ladies wiggle happily trying to out-wiggle each other. And we wiggle – our eyebrows, of course, what else did you think of? – in amazement as we read about all the various bits of wiggling in progress. But when we finally saw the Katrina song that had created such a lot of wiggle in the media, we found that the person who had the best and most effective wiggle was not our favourite item gal Kat, but the hero, the bodyguard himself – who was once called a ‘watchman’ by one of our readers, which made a horde of others wiggle violently in protest – Salman Khan. As he dances with his chorus line of neatly choreographed cohorts, he wiggles his biceps in a way that made us, watching his antics telecast into our living rooms, wiggle with delight and amazement. First one, then the other, then the first again, then both together…it was almost like a whole Kathakali performance starring Sallu bhai’s arms! First his hips, then his pockets, then his eyebrows, now his muscles…what on earth will the dance directors make Salman wiggle next? We cannot help do a little wiggle in anticipation!

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