Salman Khan honoured workers at a music launch

Salman Khan showed his philanthropic side by felicitating workers living in the film-city

No we are not raving about how good-hearted Salman Khan is, but appreciating the touching act the superstar did at a promotional event of his film Ready. If you’ve not seen the movie yet, you can watch it on YouTube Boxoffice. Salman invited the Film City workers at the do and felicitated them with gifts and chocolates. Now that was really sweet of you Sallu bhai! We generally get to see glitzy celebs who reluctantly turn up at such dos and prance before the camera without appreciating the value of the invitation. These film workers, on the other hand, who are an intrinsic part of film-shoots always get unnoticed. The smiles Salman brought on these worker’s faces was really precious.They all were very excited when received gifts from the entire cast and crew of the film Ready including Zarine Khan, Asin and the director Anees Bazmee. This sweet affair did not end with gift distribution alone Sallu bhai even opened chocolate box and fed all the children of the workers, making it an unforgettable sight. Now that we feel is a super heroic act from this superstar. Kudos to Sallu bhai!

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