Salman Khan: A woman would want her man to be charming and lovable!

The eternal bachelor of Bollywood surely knows what women expect from men in a relationship

“A woman would want her man to be charming, lovable, and sweet. She would want flowers, chocolates and candlelit dinners. But a lot of women today prefer to be practical and may not want their man to present them with all those things. Oh do you know any woman like that? No, it’s not true. It’s all in theory. In reality they love to have all of the above.”

“I don’t have to impress a woman. If you try to impress a woman you are being the man you are not. It is bound to turn around and whack you in the face. Be yourself. Don’t do things that you will not be able to do in your relationship after a point of time.”

– Salman Khan

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