Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt’s real life in docu-drama, Munna bhai, Sallu bhai – Killers or Healers!

Two of the most controversial rockstars of Bollywood will now be the subject of a documentary film

Their (Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt) lives – personal and professional – have always subject to scrutiny by the media, their millions of fans and also their respective lawyers! Ironically, the two superstars who are fighting their respective legal battles have been an inspiration to many, to the extent that a writer, Muazzam Beg will be making a documentary on them called, Munna Bhai, Sallu Bhai – Killers or Healers! Such an apt title, no?

Muazzam intends to show Sallu and Sanju’s journeys through his film, which he calls a docu-drama. “It will include their social, psychological and economical life – from the time and even before they started their career in the industry,” informs Muazzam. The self-funded film is being made under the aegis of his new NGO, Indian Film Fraternity.

It’s learnt that a senior film journalist will help Beg in this ‘inspiring’ project and provide him with several exclusive inputs on the Mental and Policegiri stars. The writer says that when he approached Sallu, the Being Human actor showed interest in the project. However, he regrets not being able to get through to Sanjay for his opinion. Muazzam is currently working on the pre-production and he plans to release the film soon. If he manages to get a balanced view, and some unknown, interesting facts about Salman and Sanjay, we are sure it will turn out to be one helluva documentary. But who’ll reprise the roles of the two actors? We are curious to know!