Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan fight for Tom Cruise!

Tue, November 1, 2011 8:08pm IST by
Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan fight for Tom Cruise!

Apparently both superstars are keen to host a bash for the Mission Impossible star during his India visit

For the uninitiated, Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise is going to be in India in December to promote his biggie Mission Impossible 4 which also stars our Bollywood hero Anil Kapoor. Obviously the international superstar’s four day visit is filled with back to back promotional activities for his movie, he will attend shindigs organised by B-town folks. As of now, one doesn’t know who these people are though. But according to a recent buzz both Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan are keen to throw a lavish party for the Hollywood biggie. In the past, SRK had opened the doors of his palatial abode, Mannat, for international celebrities like rapper Akon, actors Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler and cricketer Brett Lee. But this time, he might not get so lucky, cos he doesn’t share great camaraderie with Anil Kapoor. Apparently, SRK refused to romance Sonam Kapoor in Rab Ne Bana De Jodi. On the other hand, Salman has a very good rapport with his No Entry co-star, so in all probability he might be the host to the MI 4 producer and actor. But remember SRK doesn’t give up easily! Apparently, he is using all his goodwill at another production house, Fox Star to ensure he hosts Tom Cruise. Let’s wait and watch to find out who wins this fight, but we are sure most tinseltownies are preparing for the big day with the Top Gun star!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Ra.1

    definitely, sallu bhai is suitable for it.

    • kitti

      Yes, Sallu bahi will host and serve drinks to shahrukh and Tom Cruise LOL :)

      • DEEPAK

        salman nalika hai

        • cool21

          SRK IS international star for GAY people like u

          • GreenDay

            ye srgay kehne waley apni behan ko us k pas bhejen, phr pata chal jaye ga kitna gay hai wo.. gay to sallu hai jo abi tak kanwara hai or wo tom cruise ko hoat kare,itni oqat hai uski kya.. srk is biggest international superstar and he’s aslo invited by golden globe so he’ll the only superstar to host tom cruise..

  • Ra.01

    shahrukh ko koi jarurat nahi ki wo party host kare,he is a international star which is salman not… hosting salman ko de do…….

  • cool21

    100% SRK GAY is suitable for serve drinks & he is total hijra star

    • red devil

      i think u hate srk so much that u even not love salman that much

  • kiki

    really silly issue……..they can make up and do it together ……….they should stop being like 5 years old boys who are fighting over computer games

  • looser srgay

    cool21 well said.i agree srgay.

    Look guys tom cruise don’t drink or smoke and salman can only host him because well we all know srk is hijra and fake and won’tbe able to carry a conversation with cruise but salman can easily hang with him. srgay only big in bollyood and his fans are 45+ women

  • sakti32 in

    • mukesh

      also not Ra. one in 3D but BRA.ONE in 38 D

  • shakti

    tom cruise and srgay hahahahahahahahaha….. what a joke
    no question only salman will host him.stupid srgay trying to kiss everyones behind hijra.

    salman make sure you are in MI5 so be nice to cruise.

  • srkfan

    hahahahah sakti 32

    my friens went to see staring srgay and told me he looked like a monkey..

  • javed

    Tom cruise don’t have any interest in or srgay.

  • jer

    why can’t they both host a prty togather.

  • Demonoid

    lol…salman will murder tom cruise…and say he is being human again

  • prabhat tiwari

    salman you should think about shahrukh because shahrukh think about u……best of luck love u salman………..prabhat tiwari

  • prabhat tiwari

    salman u should think about shahrukh because shahrukh think about u …best of luck…love u salman….prabhat tiwari

  • ravi

    since bodyguard is father of so saslman is father of sahrukh khan ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahahahahahahhahahaha