Salman Khan avoids sitting behind the wheel

Birthday boy Salman Khan has transformed from a passionate lover into an impassive user, when it comes to cars, of course!

Salman Khan recently confessed in an interview that he lost interest in cars after he got involved in unpleasant accidents that he desperately wanted to avoid. Since then Khan has kept an arm’s length from the driver’s seat and makes it a point to see that even his driver is uber careful with the way he manoeuvres the car. The Ek Tha Tiger hunk also says that people gift him expensive cars on various occasions, but he’s so affected by what happened in the past that it has turned him into a guy who’s no more passionate about these mean machines. Now considering its Sallu bhai’s birthday today, the message is loud and clear. Think twice before presenting him a luxurious car ‘coz the actor might just turn it down and all you will be left with is disappointment and dejection.