Salman Khan blows his own trumpet!

Salman Khan blows his own trumpet!

The actor has claimed in a recent interview that his dance moves in Dabangg 2 will outdo all his previous hit numbers 

Mr Khan has started to take extreme pride in the way he grooves these days. At least that’s what it sounds like when we hear him raving about his own dance moves. He recently said in an interview that his dance sequence, Seeti baja ke in Dabangg 2 will be better than Character dheela, Munni badnam, Jalwa and all the other hits he’s delivered till date.

Although we feel that Salman’s songs solely work ‘coz of his eccentric style and his popularity amongst the masses, guess Sallu bhai has started to think even he can compete with dancing stars like Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor. And just when we thought he’s done with bragging and gloating, he started praising brother Arbaaz Khan and how he is on his way to becoming one of the biggest directors in B-town.

Looks like Salman has slashed the fees of his publicist, or why else would he be blowing his trumpet about his mediocre dancing skills and brother Arbaaz who’s directorial abilities is no greater than a rookie’s. So as Salman reprises his role of Chulbul Pandey in the new Dabangg, we request him to get down to earth, wake up and smell the coffee, vanity isn’t always fair after all!Subscribe to me on YouTube



    SRK to gaya ab uski koi bhi movie nahin chalegi if he does’nt stop talking big words,how there fans think that srk is king,srk say that iam a king and his intelligent fans willa ccept that words,and call him KING.srk is a king but only in his house if he comes out his fans r waiting out side his gate with stones to beat him after watching his disaster movies ra one and don2 which srk didnt expected that his last 2 movies will not earn.srk thaught of doing promotion from 1 year for raone will make him a costliest actor in the world but again with done ”king is back that is back this is back” nothing helpded the movie it earned below READY MOVIE COLLECTION.DO NO TALK BIG WORDS SRK ITSELF SAYS THAT HE IS THE KING NO INTELLIGENT PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD WILL SAY I AM INTELLIGENT HIS FANS R LIKE HIM(SRK) ONLY.IAM TELLING U IF HE DOESNT STOP TALKING GOOD ABOUT OTHER ACTOR AR IF HE DOESNT STOP TALKING BIG WORDS THEN HIS MOVIES WILL EARN LESS THAN HRITHIK MOVIES.these websites every time they try to downgrade sallu bhai but evry time they do so salman bhai movies r becoming blockbuster,all time bloackbuster,everytime blockbuster,future time blockbuster kindly u peoples continue with the same so that salman khan could give another 2 ATBB IN THIS YEAR.BY ADDING THIS 2 IT WILL BECOME SEVEN ATBB FOR SALMAN KHAN, NO ACTOR IN BOLLYWOOD GIVEN 5 ATBBS TILL NOW EVEN AMITABH BACHCHAN ALSO AMITABH SIR ATBB IS ONLY ONE THAT TOO ITS NOT A SINGLE STAR MOVIE ITS A MULTISTAR MOVIE SPECIALLY GABBAR SINGH AND WHEN COMES TO SRK HE IS HAVING ONLY 2 MOVIES IN HAND IN THAT TOO IN KKHH salman khan done supporting role so it became ATBB otherwise for srk it will be only 1 ATBB,NAD ALL INDUSTRY PEOPLES SHOULD BE PROUD OF SALMAN KHAN BECSE HE IS THE ONLY MAN WHO DELIVERED BIGGEST HITS COMPARE TO SRK MOVIES, HIS MOVIE Hum Aapke Hain Kaun IS A VERY BIG HIT COMAPRE TO SRK BOI ddlj comes after maine pyar kiya and HAHK kindly u all check srk fans.

    • Sanjay Sarjal

      ya Its right, the only one film of the indain movie history that good and made buisness is only Hum apke hai kaun, no other movies came to that. even salman khan’s moive.

      but V Handsome khans’s fan dont care about his movie , we only want to see him in theater.

      Jai Hanuman
      Jai Salman.

  • suresh

    he said correct he is a superb dancer and i like his every steps and by the way go and tell ur anna data srgay (who is showing attitude to his anna data salman khan) that he sud stop telling that he is the king khan if he is a king then y raone didnt collect more that ready,then y he used his daughter for his film don2 uh he is the king of selfishness not of box office and the king of box office is only salman khan.

  • raja

    Salman is good Dancer..we love his all dancing moves..
    he looks superb when he dances..i like his 90s many dances,than 2000s many dances…even he dont know that how rocking dancer he is…he rocks the song due to his hot dancing moves..great salman..we love u my dancing star.

  • saeeda hamidi

    why shouldnt salman blow his own trumpet for he is no.1 right now and why are you eating your heart out are you also one of the persons paid to be sarcastic about salmans success if so get a life and get lost

  • Tiger

    If Mr.Bean SRK is the King of bollywood, Salman Khan is “Baap of Bollywood” eysa kings ko paida karthe