Salman Khan: bodyguard or watchman?

A reader claims that he cannot imagine that the Dabangg actor can be a convincing bodyguard

Sometimes the truth is right under our noses. We at have always encouraged and invited honest feedback and when we get it, no one is more happy than we are. Take for example, a recent instance when someone reacted to a story we posted about Katrina Kaif and how very very sexy she was. That, everyone knows, accepts and approves of. And then we told you how the very very sexy star will feature in a very very special item number in her former-beloved’s new film, Bodyguard. And that, too, people liked and read more and more. But then we got stopped in our very very happy tracks when we read one comment from someone who was obviously a huge fan of the sexy Kat. He wonders how a 5’7” chappie can possibly look like a bodyguard. ‘Salman khan:_abe 5″7 ka gatu bhi koi bodyguard hota hai, ye to karina ka watchmen lagta hai’, he says. This ardent fan seems to demand an answer from us. And, for once in our not-that-long life, we are speechless. We want to know, in fact. So you tell us what you think: