Salman Khan challenges contemporaries to beat him at charity!

The Kick actor’s claims that his sole ambition now is to take Being Human to a different level altogether

At this point in time, numbers are just that to Salman Khan. Just. Plain. Numbers. He has made it a habit to make and break records at the box office. The stakes may be higher this year with the impending box office ‘war’ between the Khans, but if you ask him about the numbers his film Kick will make, you’ll find his sights set on a greater prize.

“I equate things very differently. Till the time you have fame, you have got work. If you have got work, you have money. And jab tak paise hai tab tak Being Human hai. I am going to make it so difficult for the rest of the actors eventually by completing my mission. And my only mission is to take Being Human on a different level altogether. I am struggling really hard with it and I have never worked so hard like I am working right now. I don’t talk about Being Human because there are too many problems already. So more exposure we have, the more we will get screwed. The stuff we do at Being Human — I am going to take it to such a level that it will become difficult for all the others to compete with the success and magnitude of a charitable trust. If you talk about numbers in Bollywood, anyone can come and beat me. I want them to beat me at this. I want all of them to start up their own charitable trusts and beat me hollow and destroy me at what I do with Being Human. I would be really happy if they can do that some day,” he dares his fellow stars.