Salman Khan defends Sunny Leone’s adult films!

The Bodyguard actor is standing firm between the pornstar and the criticism she’s been attracting ever since she joined Bigg Boss 5

Salman Khan may be known as the bad boy of B-town but he is desperately trying to clean up his image. After doing a series of good hero roles in Wanted, Dabangg and Bodyguard, now he is being the good guy on Bigg Boss 5 too. As you all know, Sunny Leone is the latest entrant in the house. Salman, who is hosting the show, recently revealed that he hasn’t watched Sunny’s work so far. So? Well, Sunny is an American pornstar of Indian origin, and has a fan following in India too. So you know what her ‘work’ consists of. But Salman is staying away from any controversy and totally denied that he has watched any of her movies. Not only that, he also went on to defend her occupation. He reportedly said that there is more to Sunny than her job and if her family has no problem with what she does, we shouldn’t be judging her either. We totally agree with that, Sallu. Her job is just a part of who she is, and with Sallu endorsing that fact, hopefully, the middle class television audiences with their morality will not view her too harshly. Does that mean Sallu will offer Sunny an item number in Dabangg 2? That’s a combo we would love to watch!