Salman Khan doesn’t want Shakti Kapoor anywhere around ‘Bigg Boss 5′ studio!

Salman Khan doesn’t want Shakti Kapoor anywhere around ‘Bigg Boss 5′ studio!

It seems Shakti Kapoor is paying a heavy price for bad-mouthing host Salman Khan. He’s not been invited in the Bigg Boss 5 finale

Bollywood baddie Shakti Kapoor should have seen this coming his way. One of the 13 contestants to enter Bigg Boss 5‘s house this season, Shakti will not be seen in the finale. The much awaited closing chapter of the show will be shot in a grand way in a Karjat studio and a little birdie tells us that Kapoor has not been invited to the show. Salman Khan, we are told, is cheesed off by Shakti’s hostile remarks after the latter’s eviction from the house.Shakti had said that the show’s hosts Salman and Sanjay Dutt treated him with utter disrespect. He even went on to say that Salman owes him an apology for mouthing the  following lines, “Bigg Boss ko maanna padega! Shakti Kapoor jaise logon ko apne ghar bulaya, hum toh kabhi na bulayen!” Shakti did not stop there and added more fuel in the raging verbal fight by saying that even if Salman invites him to his house, he won’t be going there. And now Salman Khan will leave no stone unturned to make sure that Shakti doesn’t wander around the Bigg Boss 5‘s Karjat studio, let alone entering the finale sets.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Emraan

    Salman Khan kaa dimaag kuch zyaada hi kharaab hota jaa raha hai.. Peson k saath saath dimaag bhi saatwen aasman pe puhncha diya hai… 4 hits dene se koi bada nhn ban jaata.. jab flops deta tha to sub k aage peeche ghoomta tha…

    • Salman

      Well said Emran.. Duniya mein koi hamesha kay liye nahi rehta.. Baday baday raja maharaja aaye aur chalay gayen. Log insaan ki acchai aur buraai se usko yaad rakhtay hai aur tu Salman tu to tucch category ka keeda nikla… laanat hai teri zindagi per… “Being Human” kehne se koi human nahi banta.. bankay dikha khudi se … just to clean ur image u r doing thee nautanki of “Being Human”, kitna human hai yeh clear hogaya abto…

      • Tango

        why there is no cry when people blame salman without any reason. if he takes action he is termed inhuman. this is not fair…and who knows the facts, we all are depending on what we are reading. is all written is true????

    • sallu

      Tu bhi de de 4 hits. He is the only superstar in bollywood. sallu rocks!!!

      • arif khan

        he is true superstar. you people jealous of superstar because he has been giving blockbuster movies.what shakti kapoor did to salman khan u people dont know. u should know the stories behind the scene. sallu bhai is inspiration for new comers.

      • mani

        dekho salman ka sika chalta voh jo kahe ka big boss karega…
        its also a achievement…..big boss loss toh khud nahi karega. shakti, poja bedi and mishra really deserve nahi honge finale k liye thats y nahi bhulaye ja rahe.
        y we people fighing on small issues.
        salman is arrogant, confident, pride loving, person with attitite…..after all these we love him… as he is clear hearted and single minded.
        long live salman….he realises his mistakes and try to prove

  • Salman

    Salman narcissist Khan will have a very very bad end to his career.. Itna ghuroor accha nahi yaar.. Used to be a huge fan of u before big boss 5 , u proved me wrong , infact biggest regret of my life to have liked u for over 15 years… thanks for opening my eyes to the REAL you…

    • astha

      kuch bhi haan,,,,, Salman khan rocks!!!

  • Jargan

    There are some blacklisted person… like puja bedi, shakti kapoor and pooja misra… which the right deczn… cheers salman we love u

  • Anjana

    Why to blame salman for everything… may be because of shakti kapoor, pooja mishra and pooja bedi’s behiever they are not invited… luv u salman

    • mandip

      anjaana your right

  • sallu

    salman ku bura bolne wale tumhara baap shakti kapoor acha human being hai? salman ke sirf 4 hits nai hai tumlog jab paida b nai hue the tab se kai hits films salman ne di hai.. tumlog ku itni b samajh nai hai ke samajh sake ke sahi insaan koun hai aur galath koun hai..

  • sharmin

    hate salman..think he is the king of bollywood ..everybody has to do what he say…shame salman, shame … if u r a gentleman u should call pooja bedi , pooja mishra, shakti kappor u dont ve to hurt any one feeling..every body has his own openion..u ve to respect it…

  • chris

    Hate him or love him .. but u cannot ignore him …. long live salman bhai

  • esa

    we want pooja misra great entertainer at any cost at finale without her it is meaningless

  • hasy

    if shakti, pooja b and pooja m not coming to the finale because off salman than be it..
    how do we know both sides of the story and if the terrible trio not coming from their own accord..
    well done salman if you did make this decision. love you XXX

  • Farah

    Salman should learn manners nw.he has grown up much.he should respect others if he wants respect 4 himslf.

    • arif khan

      he knows what he is doing. you people are behaving like vivek oberoi.afterwards they realise what they did it. they are paying price for it. he is friendly with pooja bedi & pooja mishra in bb5. but in return they comment on salman khan. he helped pooja mishra when siddharth went to hit her. where were you at that moment. you people are jealous.we love salman khan. from being human. great entertainer.

  • nazia

    I love salmn khan. He treats people badly only when someone fiddles him like aishwarya who used salman in her entry into bollywood and dumped him wen she got fame.

    • arif khan

      thanks nazia supporting
      for salman khan.

  • amit

    jo salman k against ho tum log sab saale harami shakti kapoor k jaise characterless ho,shakti,puja and those who r against salman u all r human being bt atleast salman is trying to being human ,first u have see the real salman ,he is what he is and nt diplomatic like others in this industry,salman is the real king of bollywood.

  • maulik

    salman bhai shakti kapoor ko aane do baki sab thik hai

  • Anand

    I knew that salman was a mannerless and aggressive person who always took up fights with people, but this is just too much.
    He has crossed his limit of MANNERLESSNESS!