Salman Khan fears stampede at ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ promotional tour

Salman Khan fears stampede at ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ promotional tour

The actor refused to promote his film Ek Tha Tiger in small town India for the safety of women and children

Superstar Salman Khan is playing safe – he has decided against travelling to smaller cities to promote his forthcoming film Ek Tha Tiger and he has a valid reason to do so. “It’s not about crowd control. There are women and kids and in their excitement, the men try to take advantage of the fact that there are women in the crowd. Then there are kids and senior citizens who are pushed around. God forbid, if something happens, it comes on to us,” the actor said.

“If someone gets injured, that’s okay, but god forbid if someone dies in these mishaps, then the responsibility falls on us. Then if our security guard pushes someone to protect us, then that also becomes a big issue. So it’s better to stay away from all this,” he added.

Meanwhile, Salman, who is in an excellent phase of his career where anything he touches turns to gold, says the credit for it goes to those who work behind the scenes to make an excellent final product. “I have just been lucky. There are people who have worked very hard on their own craft that has made me reach this phase of my life. There are films that have already been made and have done okay and have been great for me, lots of people have worked hard on them,” said Salman.

“Like now, Kabir (Khan) has worked really hard on his script and direction. Adi (Aditya Chopra) and Yash Raj Films have put in a lot of creativity and money in Tiger. So when all these things come together on screen, I am going to be hugely benefited by the success of the Friday,” added Salman.

Directed by Kabir Khan, Ek Tha Tiger stars Salman in the role of a spy with Katrina Kaif acting opposite him. It hits theatres on August 15.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Pedro

    What an irony? There are no crowds so far in his current promotional effort in the big cities. The reception has been lac luster. I hope this does not affect the film’s release next week.

  • sunny shah

    salman khan is really a golden hearted man and he always respect to women and children .

  • ballu kureshi

    hai salu
    aap super hero ho

  • Corey

    I had to eat my words a bit when I said there was NO WAY they could effectively re-cast the OS cast. They got them all pertty right. BUT recast the great Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbe1n y Merino? No way! In everything I have seen him in, he totally owns his character yes, even Grandfather Cortez in the Spy Kids franchise!The Wikipedia entry for him is well worth a read, especially his five stages of the actor .So, yes, leave Khan alone!(No one alive has the chest for it, anyway!)Bring back Balok from The Corbomite Maneuver, I say! They could even get the original actor to play him; I don’t think Clint Howard has aged a bit! Reply