Salman Khan gears up for `10 Ka Dum’

The actor is pretty clear in his head that he doesn’t want to do anything related to the mad house (Bigg Boss 5) anymore and while speculation is rife that it’s his new project, 10 Ka Dum on Sony that’s keeping him busy, wethink there are other reasons as well that have riled Mr Khan up

Sallu bhai isn’t exactly known for his anger management skills and despite this well-known foible of his, people still manage to irk this hot-headed man every now and then. Mr Khan took charge of the mike for Bigg Boss 5 this year but ended up getting showered with sharp thorns instead of velvety roses. Right from getting accused of favouritism to being biased and controlling the show as per his own whims, Salman has hitherto been quite a soft target. And if you are thinking that Sallu is now a changed man and doesn’t bother about such trivial remarks anymore, well you are wrong darling; the actor knows how to take his own sweet revenge. So Mr Khan has now bid goodbye to Colors (temporarily we hope) and is gearing up to host 10 Ka Dum on Sony. He has hosted DKD before, so this new venture should be a cakewalk for the actor. Guess one channel’s loss is the other channel’s gain. But we trust the TV honchos to have learnt their lesson by now and keep their stars happy. Hope Sony makes sure that Khan is kept happy or else it won’t be long enough before he shifts his loyalties and hops on to another place where he will be treated like a king, after all that’s what he wants right!