Salman Khan gets a new weapon in Dabangg 2!

The brawny bhaijan swaps his gun and stick for a yo-yo this time in the upcoming installment of Dabangg

For Dabangg 2, Salman Khan is going off the violent act for a bit. That doesn’t mean our favourite brawny star is quitting action to turn and preach to the public instead – no way, what fun would that be! It’s just that he has swapped his gun for a yo-yo this time!

Yes, you heard it right. Salman, it seems, will be whacking the…err…pants off his enemies with the help of a metallic ball that resembles a yo-yo, said a secret source from the film’s unit. The actor, we are told, is reprising that fabulous identifying element that his goggles were in Dabangg, this time with the toy.

Well, it’s gonna be great to see bhaijan mend his violent ways. In fact, there is more to it than just his onscreen act. We have been hearing that Salman has been on some kind of self improvement spree. The brawny actor is seen reporting on the sets on time and begins shooting by noon, as opposed to not that long ago, when he rarely started shooting before mid-afternoon. Clearly Sallu bhai is sorting out his life now, going so far as to quit smoking! So what’s next? Marriage for bhai?