Salman Khan gets Aarya Babbar drunk!

Aarya Babbar gets firsthand experience of the parties thrown by superstar Salman Khan. And he was in for a big surprise

It was dream come true for Aarya Babbar when he got to work with Salman Khan in Ready. Apart from good working memories, Babbar has one very interesting memory of working with the superstar. “Salman Khan bhai gave me my first drink,” recalls Babbar. During the shooting schedule of Ready in Bangkok, the cast and crew members of the film, got a lot of time to bond off the sets. It was at one of those exciting parties thrown by Salman Khan— where food and drinks just don’t stop flowing— that Babbar was coaxed into letting his hair down! Sanjay Dutt and David Dhawan, who were in Bangkok shooting for Rascals, also attended this party. “Salman bhai was after my life to make me have a drink. He joked that if I don’t drink I can’t become a big actor,” says Babbar. He further reveals that time his father Raj Babbar also sided with the superstar. “Salman bhai took my phone and called my dad. He called to take his permission. I expected Dad would be on my side. Instead, he gave him a go ahead and said, ‘I will be glad if you can get him to drink. I have been trying to do it for a while now.’ And there partying with the people I had idolised during school and college days, so I had to give in.” Babbar’s one lucky guy because not many people in the industry get coaxed by Salman!