Iulia Vantur will leave you speechless with her latest Hindi song ‘Every Night And Day’ – read EXCLUSIVE sneak peek

We recently reported to you how Salman Khan’s girl Iulia Vantur has recorded a hindi duet ‘Every Night And Day’ with Himesh Reshammiya for his new music album, ‘Aap Se Mausiiquii’. Bombay Times got in touch with Himesh who couldn’t stop gushing about Iulia’s voice as he said, “I loved the way she had sung it and felt she was absolutely right for my song. When I approached her, she agreed instantly. Except for the hook line ‘Every night and day, just you and me’, the entire numbers is in Hindi and its video will be shot next month. Iulia is talented and has sung beautifully. She is a professional singer, so she’s well-versed with the technicalities of recording. Her Hindi diction and pronunciation surprised me and I’m happy with the way the track has shaped up. All those who have heard it, have loved it.” Also read: Did Salman Khan recommend Iulia Vantur’s name for Himesh’s new music album?

While the song is expected to release sometime soon. Turns out Iulia has indeed done a phenomenal job by not only lending her beautiful voice but by also getting her hindi pronunciation right. Yes, the few who have heard the track so far are blown over by Iulia’s voice and if our sources are anything to go by, this track is going to instantly make it to your favourites. We wonder what was Salman’s reaction after hearing this track considering he too loves music and has equally encouraged Iulia to sing. In fact, for all those who’ve forgotten, Salman was the first one who had introduced Iulia’s voice through a special rendition of ‘Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai’ in Sultan, remember?

All said and done, we can’t wait to hear Iulia’s romantic duet with Himesh. How about you guys? Do you think this song will get a turning point in Iulia’s career? Do we see Iulia Vantur-The singer in the making? Drop your anticipations in the comments below and do come back to BollywoodLife for more updates on this hot story.