Salman Khan gives Katrina Kaif the cold shoulder

We hear that the actor ignored his ex-girlfriend recently and that didn’t go down too well with the Chikni Chameli babe

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif parted ways and settled for a cordial relationship, which is why the two appeared in a movie together (Ek Tha Tiger) despite the most talked about break-up. But looks like Salman is in no mood to continue the friendship anymore, and that’s pretty evident in the way he behaved with her recently. The buzz is that Katrina Kaif spotted Salman’s vanity van at an awards function, and thought of dropping by and sharing pleasantries. But what Khan did left Kat shocked beyond words. It seems he shut the door of the van and asked his staff to not let anyone in.

K was obviously upset and failed to fathom the reason for his behaviour. While industry insiders are blaming Kat’s closeness with Shahrukh Khan for Sallu’s sudden infuriation, we think Khan is just going through one of his mood swings. The actor is known for his mercurial nature. Don’t be surprised to hear that Salman is best friends with Ms Kaif again; that’s quite possible in Bollywood land…no?