Salman Khan gives Katrina Kaif the cold shoulder

Salman Khan gives Katrina Kaif the cold shoulder

We hear that the actor ignored his ex-girlfriend recently and that didn’t go down too well with the Chikni Chameli babe

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif parted ways and settled for a cordial relationship, which is why the two appeared in a movie together (Ek Tha Tiger) despite the most talked about break-up. But looks like Salman is in no mood to continue the friendship anymore, and that’s pretty evident in the way he behaved with her recently. The buzz is that Katrina Kaif spotted Salman’s vanity van at an awards function, and thought of dropping by and sharing pleasantries. But what Khan did left Kat shocked beyond words. It seems he shut the door of the van and asked his staff to not let anyone in.

K was obviously upset and failed to fathom the reason for his behaviour. While industry insiders are blaming Kat’s closeness with Shahrukh Khan for Sallu’s sudden infuriation, we think Khan is just going through one of his mood swings. The actor is known for his mercurial nature. Don’t be surprised to hear that Salman is best friends with Ms Kaif again; that’s quite possible in Bollywood land…no?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Katty hardcore fan

    Kat has right to make a friend with anybody including Shahrukh.. She’s not a doll that you can control 24/7.. Btw, Kat’s acting skill improved so much after JTHK.. As a Kat’s fan, I’m proud being her fan.. Shahrukh helps her a lots.. :) He’s a great actor who willing to help her co star.. He didn’t make his co stars look like a prop but he makes her co stars like a women in his films.

    • Katty hardcore fan

      correction * JTHJ

    • sameer

      lolz Katty wen her first movie boom boomed at box office sharukh didnt hepd her it was salman who bought her to dis stage wer she is now

      • smarty

        to become a friend with salman is the hardest thing in this world he is friend of friends every one just longs to become his friend only a few get lucky he is so hot to digest u need a tigers jigar to stand near him he is one man army

  • Katty hardcore fan

    correction *JTHJ*

  • Katty hardcore fan

    correction JTHJ

  • sami

    if u put salman khan in big boss house,he will definitely behave lyk imam.he should stop torturing kat and start respecting women.katrina is young and has complete ryt to make her own friends and decisions.bloody psyco salman.enough is enough…..

  • Duygu

    Salman a complete jerk. Katrina should stay away from him.

  • preethy

    katrina does not deserve salman’s friendship . i think she is a gold digger

  • Liala

    Haha salman is our dabang he’s our hero . Guys r just jelous boooooooooo 2 u guys who r ugly themselves n r sayin that he is a jerk
    Loook at urself

  • Jolli

    Katrina is a young independt girl n she has a right to make a anybody a friend , salman isnt her husband to stop her from any one… N why is Salman so possessive about her ? what is he to her ? Even Katrina is too young for him

  • Vinod

    Katrina shud get rid of irking salman …He is totally tension .Ranbeer Kapoor is a best choice for her as both are same age n young . Its cruel to marry or make friendship a person of his father age

    • sajad

      so far it is concerned ithink salman is best choice for her becoz he is so smart than ranbir kapoor

  • Ghost House

    Salman ko pehle Ash chor gai aur ab Katrina .Something is lacking in Salman personailty . Actually he isnt interested in marriage n mostly at one stage every girl wants to give name to their relationship. So this is the reason Evry one get fed up of salman soon . Sari zindage lardki salman k naam pe kawari tou nhi bete ge na hahaha

    • Ghost House

      kud be un se shadi nhi krta , aur phr ye be chahta hy k wo kise aur k saath be piyar na kre ..I think k ye bohut bari zydate hain with every single girl who is his friend or ex friend /lover lol salman shud stop showing over possessiveness towards his ladies … bhai tou to kuch nhi krta unhe kun manna krta ky .let her enjoy her life ! yahi to miss kat k hansen khelne k din hain

  • Fardeen

    Why he didnt want her to works with Shahrukh khan , after all she is an actress n whenevr a good script come her way she will act in tht film… Shahrukh is not top actor who will nt want to work with such top actor. Salman has no right to force her or peep in her every matter . or marry katrina n than show possessivnesss.

    • Fardeen

      sorry I did mistake above …I wana say sharukh is a top actor so who will nt want to work opposite him

  • Ballay Ballay

    Bally bally …. sallu ji katrina tere jaghir nahi hai tou ne ose koi paiso se nahi kharida ..samje puttar ..!!! wo awam ki jagir hy hamme khush krne k leye filmo me mastiyan krti hai…na k tumhe ! tou yun kr apne abbay no keh k koi kordi labe teno …samje !!! Katriana ko hum samballein ge …aahooo ji !

  • Pooja

    Wowww guys! It was salman who helped katrina during her struggling days. But this is the real world, after you use someone you throw them. I feel bad for salman. But anyways, he deserves the best coz he is a real nice person.

    P.s. no one knows the inside story, so better sop judging guys!

    • Fardeen

      Ms Pooja @ ms to help anyone in struggling days doesnt mean to make wrong moves .Salman gt more than helping Katrina poor soul . For so many years he was playingg with her emotions mentally n physically. so it means Katrina has paid off or return back all his helps

    • Fardeen

      Poja @ never say like this again …as a girl u knw that when a man helpa girl , in return what he demand and do with her illegally .I hope u understand my point