Salman Khan gives ‘salaam’ to Priyanka Chopra’s In my city

Salman Khan is in awe of Priyanka Chopra’s newly released single In my city and it seems he can’t stop listening to the foot-tapping number

“OMG! Just heard Priyanka Chopra’s English track three times back to back, called ‘In My City’. Its fabulous, outstanding! SALAAM Miss Chopra,” wrote Salman Khan on microblogging site Twitter. Looks like Salman is doing what it takes to encourage and promote the Barfi! babe. Khan raving about PC’s new number is proof enough that he has taken a liking to the Chopra bombshell. The two catch up at an unearthly hour, PC expresses her desire to do more films with Sallu, Mr Khan goes gaga over Priyanka’s voice – Now don’t all these things imply that PC is the Dabangg dude’s new BFF. And if what we are thinking is right, then we must say that there are chances that the two will make fairly good friends. After all both are the creative types. Salman loves to paint and PC loves to croon, so the two artists can come together and engage in some stimulating conversation about arts, music and so on and so forth…what say?