Salman Khan goes to court to stop news channel maligning him

The actor is demanding a written apology from a news channel for reporting on the hit-and-run case that is still sub judice

Salman Khan has had so many run-ins with the law and issues with the media that he has now decided to tackle the many-headed beast head on. Recently, after the ABP News channel aired a segment showing how the Mumbai police was not as forthcoming in handling Salman’s hit and run case as it should be, and that the lapses on the part of the men in uniform may have affected the case, Salman decided to approach the court to keep things under wraps.

Troubled by the reports, Salman’s legal team swung into action and approached the High Court, requesting a directive to the channel demanding that such news not be reported. Salman also requested the court to makre sure that the channel either telecasts or submits a written apology to him. The Court agreed and granted interim relief on the injunction; the channel has been told to stop telecasting news about the case case and also submit written apology to the actor. Justice Kathawala, who heard the request said, “I am prima facie satisfied that the Defendants (ABP News) are indulging in broadcasting defamatory allegations against the Plaintiff (Salman Khan) which are likely to prejudice the Plaintiff in defence to the pending proceedings before the Sessions Court.”

Salman, whose case was transferred to the Sessions Court – which may additionally charge Salman with culpable homicide not amounting to murder under section 304-II of the Indian Penal Code – seems to be palpably worried about the telecast of details about the case and obviously doesn’t want any negative news ruining his chances of winning.

Watch this space for updates on Salman Khan’s hit and run case.