Salman Khan has a fan in H’wood hottie Milla Jovovich

Salman Khan’s popularity is spreading worldwide. He now has admirers among Hollywood celebrities as well

Salman’s wonderful antics and stunts in Bodyguard have left the Resident Evil’s Milla Jovovich speechless. Milla is known for her action roles in Resident Evil series.The Hollywood actor was apparently super impressed with Salman’s recent Bodyguard and she expressed a desire to work with the actor. “I am really very convinced with the growing affinity of Indian audiences to action films. Recently I got an opportunity to view Bodyguard of Salman Khan, and I am really amazed with his ‘sturdiest’ look in the movie and the action scenes played by him,” said Jovovich. “I would love to work with him if given a chance,” added the actor. Looks like Salman Khan may just get lucky! Although, we must add that it would be a sight to watch both Salman and Milla doing action sequences.

(With inputs from agencies)