Salman Khan helps runners at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon

The Being Human dude and his crew were standing with water, sweets and other essentials for the marathon runners

Although Salman Khan is not your typical marathon runner, and the Dabangg superstar would rather be seen with a dumbbell sweating it out in the gym rather than on the race track, this time Salman did have a part to play in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon this weekend.

On Saturday, Salman was seen hanging out with the Being Human crew outside Worli, in the wee hours of the morning overseeing the marathon preparations. The superstar made sure that essential things for the runners including water, sweets and biscuits were made available. And though Salman wasn’t present all through the race, the early birds checking out the marathon were able to grab a glimpse of the superstar!

And while we appreciate the fact that Salman is really enthusiastic about helping out other runners, we would love to see him run the race next year. After all, Sallu is battling the bulge now, and running a marathon is better than most ways to keep in shape!