Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan on Bollywood’s world tour

Posted Fri, November 4, 2011 11:31am IST

Switzerland is passé. And so is London. Welcome Spain, Macau, Sri Lanka… and a host of other off beat locations to our cinema screens as our filmmakers take India all over the globe

Bollywood is going global in more ways than one. They’ve always been screened abroad, but now they are being shot in unusual locations too. So Hrithik Roshan drove in Spain, Shahrukh Khan leapt off tall buildings in Malaysia and Salman Khan explored the wonders of Sri Lanka, while we sat back in our comfortable theatre seats and envied their luck. Here’s your chance to armchair travel with them.

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  • kathee lila

    hrithik roshan is the best and handsome bollywood starer i ‘ve ever seen.

  • sunny shah

    salman khan is man with golden heart. he always rock on BOLLYWOOD.

  • rony

    sallu is the best

  • r1

    same songs, same film dialogues, always did know celebs were thick and louts amd most behaved liked yobs from time to time….but to involve an innocent man like me ”in a fruitless game” paying no attention to his life anf the risks worth… they do appear to be paying more than their worth….now with the chamak challo and all….think god shows them their own human unseen footage……from yester years….i did always say that”…peole should always get their ” statements correct about the way in which they make the statements”…something i have been saying to them for many years now…for their own good……..but no-one listened…….and one more time the world should have paid me many millions of pounds,if not billions…just ask the uk police and they will tell you…….those ball trackers do owe me a fortune that until today does remain unpaid…..might be your gsme over but not mine….am not a money extorter….just asking….r1