Salman Khan: I have always liked Shah Rukh Khan

Salman Khan: I have always liked Shah Rukh Khan

And by saying that the Dabangg Khan indeed raised your eyebrows, didn’t he?

It was like a dejavu moment when the warring Khans of Bollywood – Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan came face-to-face at Baba Siddiqui’s grand Iftar party today. Yes, both SRK and Sallu miyaan had an encounter today and the duo even shared a hug.

And it looks like the Kick actor was very happy to meet SRK today. Why do we say so, you ask? Well, right after attending the Iftar party, Sallu came to a suburban studio to have a conversation with the media about his upcoming film Kick. And it is during this chit-chat, he expressed his happiness to meet Shah Rukh. “I met Shah Rukh today. He is a good guy. I like him. I have always liked him.”

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  • Johar

    they both r d best even Srk has d same words to say love u Sallu and Srk ! Superstar of bollywood

  • Terminator

    Jai ho ke saame shahrukh ka mazak uraya aur movie flop . Kick ko hit karane ke liye kuch bhi bakwas karega. Shahrukh ke saamne fhat gayi Saale ki…This same guy made fun of Shahrukh’s injury during Jai Ho Promotions. Don’t trust this loser ; psycho ; criminal

    • Bandy Banerjee

      He didn’t make fun. Srk’s injury was fake and it was his usual publicity stunt that he always does around the release of salman’s film. Salman only asked media to not talk too much about it.

      • Terminator

        Srk ka mazak uraya and jai ho flop ho gayi..

        • Afsar

          abe look at the record when salman made with Dabangg,Ready, bodyguard and ek tha tiger and your SRK tried to break with Ra-one , jab tak he jaan , Don 2, etc and cound not break even it could not cross 120 crr and all salman movie do at least 150 cr thats the power of salman ..once he did with bulshit Chennai Express…salman did one try with jai ho and this was a different movie with no price hike..wait for Kick and watch…so sucked mr SRK gay fan

          • Suraj

            sallu ullu has hugged his baap

      • IkraaShahRukh♥

        Yes His Injury Was Fake, The Blood Out Of His Head Was Fake And Shoulder Collapse Was Fake. Who In There Right Mind Would Fake An Injury? To Fake An Injury , They Would Get A Door To Fall On Them. Kudos. To Your Dumbass Brain.

    • dpk

      teri behan ki chut behan ke lode aagar salman ke baare mein 1 shabad bhi bola na to tujhme itne ched krunga ki confuse ho jaega ki saans khaa se lu nd paadu khaa se

      • Terminator

        U r the type of man who will end up dying in his own arms.

        3 things that no one knows about u

        1: you accept multiple bids for ur mom

        2: you r ready to sell your sister for free

        3: U r salman’s illegimated son .

        • AD

          Carry On man… Keep posting… I love ur style of writing :D :D the way u write is ASS Ripping insult… :D
          Hate that bloody loser Salman chutiya and all his illegitimate sons and daughters :D :D ohhh!! sorry not sons and daughters he is bloody HIJDA right GLADIATOR?? :D :D
          Few words for Salman Hijda please in ur way..

      • dpkisgandhu

        Kyun be DALLE? Tu Salman ki behen ka yaar lagta hai Harami??? pehle apne ched to bund kar jahaan se Hangta Mootta hai Roz.. Phir doosron mein karna Bhosri wale.. Chal bhaag.. Salman ka bharwa..

    • IdealMuslimah

      Lol, can’t stop laughing at these stupid and immature comments. Last year Salman hugged SRK and Chennai Express benefited, and this years (if you have seen the video) SRK stands up and hugs Salman, which will benefit KICK. They are helping each other. And you guys should go an fix your own lives, instead of commenting on others.. Grow up all of you!

  • Bandy Banerjee

    No matter what salman says, srk is a big cheapo. Very jealous and not a good heart at all.

    • Terminator

      Salman is a messiah according to you

      the guy who talks of humanity and does nothing human..

      Aishwarya ,soma sangeeta and katrina left this guy bcoz they know this guy is not normal at all .

      Huge sympathy for this drunken killer. but no words of sympathy who got killed by this loser..

      Sirf being human kehne se kuch nahi hota Lallu pehle to human tu banja Sale chakka hai isiliye to abhi tak shadi nahi kiya …

      I woud like Salman khan to answer these questions ?…

      1)Why did you put the blame of killing pedestrians on your driver?

      2)Why did you hunt rare species animal in rajasthan?was it for fun?

      3)Why did you bully other actors and patronize your close relatives?

      4)Why did you make crappy movies?

      Juhi,Madhuri,Raveena and many more calls him bhai bcoz salman’s connection to underworld.. He can only be a brother, not a husband..

      This guy is an e.u.n.e.c.h that’s why he is still single.48 mein bhi virgin hai chutiya. How can this guy still has supporters who used to beat aishwarya,katrina..

      he then slapped subhash ghai, destroyed the whole set of chalte chalte .. created havoc outside aishwarya’s house.. i am suprised that katrina dated this loser for 5 years … this guy is psycho ..

      Shahrukh is way better guy than this loser.. shahrukh has achieved all things on his own without family’s aid.

      • AD

        hahahha.. U Ripped SALMAN’s ass :D .. Completely agree with u sir.. Well Said And Well written… Seriously I think the fans and haters should agree with this thing that saying being human and opening foundations Doesnt make u good human. U should do good things in private or personally not by ANNOUNCING it to whole world that today I did this, and yesterday I did this.. And one more thing he deffinately is a PSYCHO case and a KILLER money can shut mouths man he must have fed crores to family members and witnesses.. HE is a LOSER.. Hate this man..

      • Suraj

        well said

    • AD

      And can u clear your thoughts on That big cheapo Salman? Who is father of all the cheapos???

    • IkraaShahRukh♥

      Right. You Toh Live With Him 24/7 And Know it All Don’t You.

  • aisha

    Don’t know if either of them fasts or actually practices Islam 4 that matter but it is completely prohibited to fight or ‘have malice in this holy month , i wish all those phycos portrayed as Muslims destroying Muslim countries will respect that but what not gonna happen.
    They r from the same fraternity too, so all those fracas benefits them both even though i genuinely believe they don’t really like each other , they some how need each other, Salman especially needs SRK.
    Kick is coming out just in time.

  • AD

    WELL his film is coming so this loser needs SRK’s stardom. Salman’s fans or haters agree this that where ever country of the world u go, Ask people who is famous actor in india? u will hear one Name.. SHAHRUKH KHAN.. NO ONE ELSE, mark my words.. One more thing this loser needs SRK badly now.. JAI HO was coming,he hugged him and got the limelight.. And whoever say SRK’s injury was fake that time F*** yourself.. This man abused SRK, said watch JAI HO, SRK is alive he is not dead.. And he calls himself a GOOD HUMAN? he is a retarted PSYCHO women beater and a loser who did nothing good in his life except beating women, drinking, bullying other actors to Kick them out from Bollywood.. He abused SRK and JAI HO flopped now once again he is playing the same card using that politician and making news and going straight to do press conference and mentioning Shahrukh Khan’s name to promote his film haha!! crazzy and still u people dont understand he is using SRk’s stardom bcs no one cares abt this Rascal.. If i meet him any day I will spit on his face and pee on his face.. LOSER…

  • AD

    This man is GOOD for nothing
    1. Cant even act, whoever calls him an actor is a fool or don’t know what acting is.. Simple words he is not an actor but a comedian..
    2. Calls himself good human but does opposite things..
    3. Being serious and rude is another thing he is MISBEHAVING guy who thinks world is running on his fingers..

  • kick

    Do u all know SALMAN playing devil in kick & we love , worship ur devil. The qus u raised r enough to suggest u all r fool . SRK & SALMAN know each other very well they don’t need fans like u . Devil don’t need SRK .

  • anonymous

    They both are best actors happy to see themreunited

  • Rinni

    SHARUKH and SALMAN both are best… their own way……

  • Jakeer Tiger Tiger

    Badsha ke samne sabi ku jukna hai…..