Salman Khan: If you want overacting, call Shahrukh Khan

Salman Khan: If you want overacting, call Shahrukh Khan

The Ek Tha Tiger dude lost his cool while shooting for an ad film. Salman targeted his archrival Shahrukh Khan when requested to redo a scene with a different facial expression

Salman Khan is at it again! The flamboyant star has been lapping up every opportunity possible to take potshots at Shahrukh Khan. It was only recently that we thought that the cold war between him and SRK could come to an end, but sadly we were wrong! Shahrukh Khan is still on Sallu’s mind and bhai doesn’t show even a hint of political correctness when it comes to talking about his friend-turned-foe; at least that’s what a recent remark from Sallu seems to be suggesting.

A little birdie tells us that Salman was recently shooting for an ad film in a bungalow in Versova, Mumbai. The commercial also starred Aamna Sharif and it was directed by a prominent adman-turned-filmmaker. The shoot was going on smoothly when the director, who was not particularly happy with Salman’s walk, asked him redo it. On hearing the request, the 47-year-old actor shot back with his trademark growl, “Agar walk karna hai toh kisi model ko bula lete.” Later, when the stunned director requested the macho star to give more expressions for an extreme close-up shot, bhai shot back. “Agar acting hi karani hai, toh Hrithik ko le lete,” said a disgruntled Sallu. He didn’t stop there and quickly attached one more line that went on to show what the Dabangg dude thinks about his archrival SRK’s acting talent. “Aur agar over acting karani hai toh Shahrukh ko le lete,” added the superstar absolutely uninhibitedly as he walked out of the frame.

Now this episode might irk SRK and his loyal fans. And King Khan’s devotees might argue that at least the Jab Tak Hai Jaan star overacts, but can Sallu miyaan do even that? After all, Salman has always being his usual self in most of his movies and never has the superstar quite impressed with his acting, if ever he does that. But we are confident that Salman won’t give a damn to such debates and will continue to speak his mind. All we are waiting to know now is how Shahrukh will respond to Sallu’s blunt remark!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Tina

    Firstly salman Khan must have not said this.He must have joked.Media makes out something or the other out of it.
    Even if it is tue.what is wrong.SRK overacting is 100% true.JTHJ Nahi Dekhi.Now it is a done thing.Both Take shots on one another. Ab Adat ho jani Chaiye.

    • ayyan

      Tina ur right in India thousand of people ate die why people are not making issue , just one star finger they are making noise .

  • kojak

    poor salman, sounds very arrogant, looser

  • Pankaj Gupta

    salman khan you are my favoriat actor i love you

  • ayan

    poor salgay it is clear you dont know how to walk , act and overact, the problem is shahrukh, models and hrithak are so busy to do ad films.its u who is searching for gaiy partners everywhere, they have their kids and family to spend time not like u

    • Truth

      Absolutely true ….

    • shivani

      absolutely right .. he even know tht he cant walk,act or overact
      frustrated cat sketching pole

  • simran

    everybody know’s that salman does’nt know to act poor salman

  • starksymd

    Well done sallu! That should show them. Those who says sallu cant act they are stupid. No one can do chulbul pandey other than salman.And what about tere naam. Atleast public loves him. We are with you salman no matter what.

    • sollu fan of sallu

      no matter how you kill people, how you beat women, how you call dawood ibrahim as your big brother… we love you sallu
      —- your sollu fans

  • Salman

    Proudy Salman, Every Dog has a day, Now a days, the days is your. Donot compare u with SHAH RUKH and Hritik.They both very very good actor than u. SHAH RUKH is ruling the bollywood since 20 years. If you are better than them why donot u get the more AWARDS than them. Donot be Proudy.

    • Rani

      Srk doesn’t need any award………andhy ko bhi us ke acting dikhti hae…….srk rokxxxxx

  • aron

    salman still the best khan…

  • Truth

    Salman is a murderer and coming to acting skills Salman is far behind from SRK and Hritik……

  • Tawny Menon

    If you want a pop-eyed thug, call Salman. If you want an artist, call SRK.

  • monica

    salman seems to be very insecure and why not a.fter a decade his two movies are liked by dehatis.this idiot pays media to be in news .he is the most useless ,boring and uncle like figure in india cinema.he stands no where shah rukh .shahrukh is a self build person and not a son of any writer,or actor like salman.SALMAN SHOULD CONCENTRATE ON HIMSELF RATHER POKING HIS NOSE EVERY WHERE .A USELESS CHARACTER

    • vikas

      Tum jaise idiots jo thoda bahut pad likh lete hai apne ko inteligent aur doosro ko dehai kahte hai .. dear never forget dabang 2 in overseas is Top -7 position (9 billion) srk ki aukat nahi hai salman khan ke record ko tod pana .. dear aaj that boolywood ki history mein kisi superstar ne 6 blockbuster in a row nahi diya at the same time salman khan ‘S overseas coLlection is far -far excellent… srk jaisa is very cheap & fustated man .. now a days srk is struggling to get sucess .. dear chill out & accept reality salman khan is always no-1 super star worldwide.

    • Sameera

      Very true…….sallu is use less and wil be in future lol

    • shivani

      this useless talks shows tht how much salman is jealous of him .. when asked to walk he told them to call a model thn hritik fr acting n srk fr ovr acting … thn i wanna ask him wt he is doing here in bollywood just tamasha or showing stardom be4 ppl sleeping at footpath by killing them.. he is just A shame fr bollywoodies . n we know bettr who really struggled need to say anything more abt him all know betttr

  • vikas

    Dear MONICA,

    Tum jaise idiots jo thoda bahut pad likh lete hai apne ko inteligent aur doosro ko dehati kahte hai .. dear never forget dabangg 2 overseas colection is excellent ( Top No-7 position (9 billion)). srk ki aukat nahi hai salman khan ke record ko tod pana . dear aaj that bollywood ki history mein kisi superstar ne 6 blockbuster in a row nahi diya at the same time salman khan’s overseas collection is far -far excellent(BORN SUPER STAR)… srk is very cheap & frustated man .. now a days srk is struggling to get sucesses .. dear chill out & accept reality salman khan is allways no-1 super star worldwide.

    • akashy

      lodu overseas mai srk ne calman ke maa chod di jase mai tari maa chodta hu….bhosrike JTHJ SOS se sath release hue thi akle release hoti to calman ke bhane b chod dati….jase mai b tari bhane chodta hu

  • Carol

    *LOL* Normally I don´t like Sallu but for this comment I could kiss him. This overrated actor called SRK who thinks he can everybody make to believe he´s a good actor only because he bought all the awards he got.

    • Sameera

      Angoor khatyy hae lol

  • Akhil

    salman proves again ki kabhi woh king nhi
    ban sakta….

  • Manoj

    Salman khan is 100% true srgay he is overacting in every movies hé do. King khan Aka salman khan rockssssss

    • Gaterang

      teri maa ka sakinaka, salman sala gayy hai, that’s why he’s not married yet.

  • superstar

    agar salman ke maa chodni h to mujko le lete

  • ana

    salman is an idiot he n kat don’t knw the a of acting so how can he say srk over acting. True hithrik n srk at least knws hw to act salman is so dumd to compare himself to them in doing this ad he himself has admitted that he don’t knw anythng… :p

  • rithika

    first of all media should let the khans live their lives peacefully .100% sure this birdie who supposedly heard all this is lying for cash. grow up guys both the khans dont need to put the other down . they are already where nobody in the coming years can even dream to reach for a VERY long time or may be NEVER because of their hard work and nothing else. salman would never take SRK name not like this

  • possiblesrk

    Success has destroyed more people than failure.I am now100% sure that salman is overconfident and once again he proved that his mentality is really cheap.He can not attain the position of a humble men.

  • coolred123

    and if u want no acting call salman khan

    • Zara

      Well said !

      • coolred123

        ikr? i mean salman doesnot even know how to act all he does is strip and show his body!!

  • Bebeji

    that is correct my freind. Can we be a freinds? GBebeji @twitter, and gazzali isyaku bebeji imam @ facebook.

  • Arun

    And for no acting please call salman only action and monkey dance.

  • krishna

    salman thinks he is the only actor in bollywood.He is mindlees,like his films with mindless stories and action. He is only famous for his arrogance and stupidity.I think every actor in bollywood is far better than him.I am from south,i saw a mindless action in our films, But his films crosses the south films also in action and everything.Finally he is useless…..!

  • Mine

    Well U cant Walk , Cant Act, And Cant Overact so what else do u know LALLU MONKEY He himself told all these then what else ur B****** Fans see, Hmm I think He only knows one thing KILLING POOR that he does perfectly, If all goes well this B***** will be in Jail Soon Hopefull that day onwards Bollywood will be SAVED.. Dont ever dare to say KING KHANS or HRITHIKS name Lallu Monkey U cant even qualify to hold a Toilet paper for them U piece of worthless S*** CRIMINAL B******

  • Mik

    Dont ever dare to say KING KHANS or HRITHIKS name Lallu Monkey U cant even qualify to hold a Toilet paper for them U piece of worthless S*** CRIMINAL B******

  • sunshine

    Srk is d best
    Sallu d worst

    • krish

      salman u really rocks .. srk is the actor who should work only in t.v, but u r the real superstar

      • Sajid

        Salman is now became very jalousie and gunda acting.Always he jalousie with SRK,

  • aida

    Who can beat the acting talant of King Khan. Salman bhai, you are real gunda, mind your own business. Do not insult our one and only hero THE Shah Rukh Khan.

  • sudath

    What are you talking Mr Salman. ? Why are you soooooooooo jealous of SRK. King Khan is the BEST. Salman Bhai please respect other people’s talent then only you will receive the same.. nah…

  • Musa

    Hey sallu plx y a u so jealous of s.r.k?wat u a doing is completely out of sense mind ur own stupid business,i hv a frnd of mine ‘koki’he can even act more than u mtcsw.

  • Maniq

    Hey,, salman u can do monkey dance and act like thug only.
    U are a criminal. killing poor people. sin nah..
    Salman you can not destroy SRK’s image. We love him a lot.

  • Jharna ck

    Atleast he agreed dat hrithik is good actor.luv 4 dat.

  • Mari

    King khan, we love you. you are the superb Actor.
    Salman Bhai, you stupid mad fellow. Do you think , you are very smart or can act perfectly ? Be a Man…… not a Monkey.

  • Anu

    Salman, very sorry for you. suprised u always talking rubbish about KING KHAN. What’s wrong with you man. SRK is the best actor and globally recognized icon. SRK ROCKS!!

  • sweetie

    i love salman movies.i like acting of salman khan.i like him very much.i dont like S.R.K.he has no personality.but salman u r smart.

    • sweetu

      go to hell… dont worry your salman joins you soon sweetie

  • Dingy

    why this criminal and deshdrohi Salman compares himself with SRK everytime… he dont atleast deserve to be a rival of SRK… it needs a standard…

  • Khan66

    Always Salman starts fights against SRK. Why does he do that? SRK has never started a controversy or a fight. ITs alwys Salman!!!

  • bollyfan

    oh god please save bollywood from this crappy salman. anyway he is going to face jail soon.

  • aditya

    bloody arshole!!!

  • rajiev


    • dpb


      • dpb

        .inspite of overacting-shahrukh is king khan.-and we love him .

      • kdb

        .inspite of overacting-shahrukh is king khan.-and we love him .

  • Name

    Sallu sale ko kuchh nahi ata, dumbars

  • aftab

    salman kutta h kameena h harami h

  • Neutral

    I always thought that Salman Khan would be a good stage actor. And Shah Rukh Khan – I think he feels insecure as he tries to impress everyone on all the award shows.

  • Amer

    Waaahhhh kya baat bole salman bhai…! I agree, srk is d chichora.

  • chandrima

    atleast srk acts n what does salgay do?he knows only stripping off his shirt.

  • sanju

    Salman…… Who is that Guy ?? Not to worry bhai you can’t even close to Shah Rukh’s acting talent. He is THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD. Salman bhaiya u can act only the copy films, whatever coming from South. Salman bhai, first thing is you have to learn how to act correctly. So, don’t be jealous of SRK. We admire you a lot SRK. You are always be # 1.

  • jo

    and if you want a beefy clown prancing around? Call Salman da bro khan

  • angel

    So, Hrithik acts, Shahrukh over acts and a model walks. Umm what do you do again?

  • Priyanka

    Mr. Salman Khan …
    Shahrukh Khan is The King as u know or not..kam se kam woh overacting toh karte hai,per aap???
    Kisike ware mein kuch comment karne se pehle aap khud toh apne aap ko dekh lo.aur raha Shahrukh Khan,The King ki baat woh pehle BAADSHAH the , BAADSHAH hai aur Hamesha BAADSHAH rahenge…
    So Mr. Salman ji plz Grow Up.

  • MImz

    People need to read what he said closely, he said he they want ed an actor ask Hrithik, he didnt say ask him :) Only reason salman should be hired is because he is “SALMAN” the brand.. so he hasn’t said anything wrong or out of place..

  • MImz

    People need to read what he said closely, he said if they wanted an actor ask Hrithik, he didnt say ask him :) Only reason salman should be hired is because he is “SALMAN” the brand.. so he hasn’t said anything wrong or out of place..

  • Andy yadav

    Salman is the best srk never defeat him cuz he is god father

  • mahii

    whf :@
    it just beacause salamn khan does knw how to act!
    such a fake actor he is !

  • vimarsh

    Bhai ne kuch galat bhi nhi bola…. people can watch guzarish and devdas…. once again n they will start believing on sallu bhai words….

    • salim

      bhai ki gaaand chatne wale teri maa chuda tu samjha….

  • raman

    Very mean sallu stk is the most fab. actor ever i love srk

  • Qais khan

    please send your conatct