Salman Khan is all for ‘Zanjeer’ remake

The Bodyguard actor has no qualms about remaking superhit films

Salman Khan loves blockbusters and his inclination for them is very evident in his last few films. Remaking successful films has become the order of the day with iconic films like Don and Agneepath raking in the moolah at the box office. But writer Javed Akhtar had recently expressed his displeasure about remaking Zanjeer, which he co-wrote with Salim Khan. We heard that the veteran was contemplating taking the makers of the remake to court. Surprisingly, at a recent interview, Sallu said, “I feel 100 per cent …a remake of ‘Zanjeer’ should be made. It was a super hit film. Even ‘Don’ was remade and a sequel had also come out. My father has never objected…’Don’ has been made twice.” The ‘Dhinka chika’ dude surely doesn’t mind making new versions of old hits. But we are wonder what Mr Akhtar has to say about his partner, Sr Khan, not raising any objections about Zanjeer being remade. Do you think its alright for filmmakers to redo classics?

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