Salman Khan is fine, says sister Arpita Khan

Salman Khan is fine, says sister Arpita Khan

We at Bollywoodlife told you that Salman Khan was in the US for surgery to fix his trigeminal neuralgia once again. And the Dabangg dude’s sister Arpita Khan says that the superstar is fine and will be back soon

We were the first to discover that Salman Khan was in the US not just for his regular checkup, but for something more that had been diligently kept under wraps. And we told you that the Dabangg star had a secret surgery in the distant land, away from the prying eyes of the media. A secret source informed us that bhai started experiencing a niggling pain his jaw and before things turned more serious, the 47-year-old actor decided to fly to America, without wasting even a day.

We all know that Salman has a nerve disorder called trigeminal neuralgia which restricts him contorting his face. The condition is so serious that it prevents the star from laughing and screaming, as it could damage his facial muscles and nerves. Khan underwent major surgery in the US last year, which helped alleviate this rare condition. But there was a little more to go, it seems.

And now, almost confirming our report about Salman’s departure to the States Sallu’s sister Arpita Khan tweets “Bhai is fine, he’ll be back soon. Thanks for your concern as always.” Though Arpita doesn’t divulge too much about Sallu’s secret visit to the US, our khooffiya khabroos give us every bit of information on the hunk’s whereabouts and his improving health condition.

We hope Salman is all recovered soon and comes back to the island city to entertain us in the way only he does – right, BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • pampii

    get well soon……love u

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    god bless salman

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    God bless u Salman sir, we all love u. U r great sir…..

  • Reina

    Thank God hope he’ll get well Soon

  • neptune

    I wish u get better treatment , come back n entertain us more than before

  • sahra

    yes we hope he come back soon we love him

  • Aamir Shafqat Rana

    Salman bhai will be fine INSH ALLAH soon ALLAH is there for him as Salman Bhai loves and takes care of ALLAH’S people so in return ALLAH is ther for him at every step of his life and thats my personal believe AL HAMD U LILLAH . Credt for Salman bhai’s personality goes to his parents MASHA ALLAH . May ALLAH bless all of his family AAMEEN . As u are in my prayers ALLAH is ther for u and your FAMILY AAMEEN .

  • bakhto

    Get well soon….God bless you…..

  • Ridaali

    He just went for a plastic surgery to look gud for the court case (murderer)

    • abhi

      bhag bey ridhalli..u n ur entire family r muderers…so buzz off

  • Diana khan

    My luv and prayers r always wth u sallu.Allah bless u.

  • j.tai

    trust in the lord above and he will set you free from sickness.. god bless you salman… love from your number one fun all the way from SAMOA….