Salman Khan is fit ‘n’ fine

Rumours of his hospitalisation were, well, just rumours

Fans of Salman Khan panicked on the night of August 18, as rumours of the star being hospitalised in Mumbai floated on social networking sites. Apparently the 45-year-old was in Saifee Hospital for problems related to smoking, which the hospital authorities denied. A source close to the actor also said that the reports were false, which was reiterated by various journalists and media online. The Khan was busy shooting and also promoting his forthcoming film Bodyguard – which, incidentally, is releasing August 31. Thankfully the news channels were too busy featuring the Anna Hazare campaign to report on Salman’s health. Or else, there would’ve been even bigger panic attacks wethinks. But not that Salman would’ve complained. Coz a health scare of this lovable Khan would’ve ensured a greater opening for Bodyguard than what he would probably get now. Thanks to Anna, this kind of ‘corrupt’ publicity gimmick too didn’t work!