Salman Khan is struggling to stay fit!

We hear the actor has to work three times as hard as he once did to retain his chiseled physique

Salman Khan has an enviable figure. Girls swoon over it, while the boys wish they could have it too. However, the actor, who was the first to start on the fitness craze in B-town, says that it’s getting tougher every day to maintain that hunky bod. As he cheered on physically challenged, orphaned and abandoned children at an event hosted by Cosmopolitan Friends Association over the weekend, he revealed to IANS, “I have worked hard for this body. And today I am finding it difficult because however much I have worked in those days, that much these new kids are working out in today’s date. So I have to work two-three times more.”

It’s not just the competition that’s hurting him. Salman turned 46 last December and he feels that age is catching up with him. “When we are young, people used to forgive all your things and used to say he is a kid. That time we didn’t even have to work hard. But now the more you grow, you have to work harder. You have to look younger; you have to be fitter, run faster, kick higher. All these things give you trouble later,” he said. Wethink Salman need not be concerned about it too much, as none of the new male actors are serious about doing action movies. Ranbir Kapoor, Imran Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Ranveer Singh… all of them are opting for romantic roles. Sallu may feel he has to look younger and be fitter, but when it comes to kicking the villain’s butt, he has no competition to worry about. Don’t you think so?

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