Salman Khan, Karan Johar, Hrithik Roshan: 3 people Shahrukh Khan should befriend!

Salman Khan, Karan Johar, Hrithik Roshan: 3 people Shahrukh Khan should befriend!
Yogen Shah

King Khan is the second richest celeb in the world which is indeed commendable however, when it comes to having friends the actor isn’t that lucky anymore. But just like SRK is back to being buddies with Farah Khan, wethinks he should mend fences with few more of his once-upon-a-time pals

In 2012, Shahrukh Khan had a fallout with his close friend-cum- filmmaker Farah Khan after the former apparently slapped the latter’s husband at Sanjay Dutt’s party. The duo patched up soon and their friendship has cemented since then. In fact, SRK is playing the lead in Farah’s next directorial venture Happy New Year co-starring Deepika Padukone. Also, it seems their dosti has never been better. We say so coz the Om Shanti Om director today wrote on Twitter, “With the Forbes 2nd richest actor in the world!!@iamsrk u were rich even when u didn’t hav money”. Awww that’s sweet na? Well, if Gauri Khan’s hubby dearest can befriend Farah Khan again then he should surely extend the olive branch towards Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Karan Johar too. After all, at one point the Chennai Express star was close to all of them. And when you work in a small place like Bollywood, it’s always better to have more friends than enemies, right peeps?

We all know SRK and Sallu have patched up numerous times but that’s just for the cameras. If the two warring Khans bury the hatchet once and for all, it would be so much better for all of us. We wouldn’t have to connect the dots of each and every story that would involve these two arch rivals, hai na? Coming to KJo, the filmmaker and his superstar friend have been sharing cold vibes for the longest time now. That’s one reason why we didn’t get to see the witty Shahrukh Khan on Koffee with Karan this season. Many believe Johar’s sudden closeness to Sallu miyaan is the reason behind Karan-Shahrukh dosti going kaput. In that case, if the HNY actor befriends Salman everything will fall into place automatically, no?

As for Duggu, from sharing screen space to partying together to spilling the beans on Koffee with Karan, the onscreen superhero has done it all with SRK in the past. Sadly their dostana hasn’t been the same post Chennai Express and Krrish 3 released last year. AbRam’s daddy dearest even said in an interview, “After Chennai Express, I’ve made new enemies.” But it’s time these two actors should sort things out and get back to being buddies. Coz professional life shouldn’t affect your personal one. Plus, if all is well between Salman, Shahrukh and Hrithik, we could see them together in a larger than life film directed by none other than Karan Johar. Now that would be nothing less than a cinematic treat, agreed Bollywoodlifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • aisha

    Compicated human SRK. It’s surely lonely at the top, though he may see his father as quote “a successful failure” his father is a winner all the way. I do feel sorry for him, it’s true that you need the pple you knew when you were younger even more as you age. He is hardworking, successful charming and all but i don’t envy him at all cos it sucks when you feel you can’t trust anybody and pple just can’t wait for your down fall. So you r by yrself looking over yr shoulder.

    • Cattypuss

      I agree with these sentiments. Especially your last paragraph. Hrithik
      Roshan is feeling this all too well. He has lost trust in many people
      because of the attacks over Kriish 3. He placed a LOT on the line professionally with Guzaarish. It was something that Indian cinema goers had not seen before,and (in my opinion) where not ready for. Hrithik took it hard when he was hit from all sides with criticism coming from critics and friends alike. This is a guy that wears his heart on his sleeve with what he called ‘his babies’.
      Kites was another disappointment for him as it did not fire either in
      India or the West. It was to be his foray in HW if successful. He has
      now retreated on that score and now aims to use all his energies into
      promoting and growing Indian cinema with quality projects. There seems
      to be a LOT of jealousies and backstabbing not only from within the
      industry, but media too. I have noticed how the media have really turned on him since his marriage woes. Friends are taking sides. On a human level I really feel sorry for him. He is one of India’s top commodities and this is how they are treating him. Is it any wonder he looks like thunder when the Indian paparazzi hound him morning noon and night. As for SRK, he is a big boy. There is a thing called a telephone. He can always pick it up and ring Hrithik. He is a decent guy who would not reject SRK’s gesture.

  • anonymous

    Rather salman or hrithik or karan etc etc should try to befriend srk …the guy with midas touch who became almost the richest and most popular actor in the world .that too with out any godfather or filmy connections .
    Hats off to you srk ….India is proud on you …
    Its for sure that in a few yrs to come he will be the richest actor in the world …perhaps already is ….

  • shabaz khan

    Srk should never let salman befriend him …
    Salman khan is not that dignified and intectual type of person and simply doesn’t even know where and when to do and to speak what ….
    At the age of 50 he should grow first mentally …..and about the talent and business sense he stands miles behind srk ….
    Just by body building one can’t survive for long ….salman khan should realise this .
    Competing with srk for him is a task which he shouldn’t even dream of.

  • feriel

    I would probably say the same thing, being the perfectionist I am. I would tell him to let go and swim with the flow. However, I know he hates to be told what should be done. So I’ll take the back seat, shut up, love him, respect him and support him for the person he is. He is not perfect I know, he even says it, often. That is what makes him special, though. Wish him all the best. He deserves it!

  • Diman Ohiko