Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Aamir Khan the worst actors of 2013 – View Ghanta Awards 2014 winners list!

Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Aamir Khan the worst actors of 2013 – View Ghanta Awards 2014 winners list!

The Ghanta Awards, which recognise the worst of Bollywood were held on March 16

India’s version of the Golden Raspberry Awards (Razzies), the Ghanta Awards, which recognise the worst in Bollywood were held recently. Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Aamir Khan were few of the lucky ones or should we say unlucky ones to win this award. While the Dabangg Khan received Kuoting Krap With Karan award for his senseless statements on Koffee With Karan, Aamir and Katrina on the other hand got the Worst Couple award for Dhoom:3. Wait, there is more. Priyanka Chopra was honoured with the Worst Actor (Female) award for her performance in Zanjeer, while Prateik Babbar got the Worst Actor (Male) award for Issaq.

Here is the complete list of winners at Ghanta Awards 2014:

Worst Film: Himmatwala

Worst Director: Sajid Khan for Himmatwala

Worst Actor (Female): Priyanka Chopra for Zanjeer

Worst Actor (Male): Prateik (Babbar) for Issaq

Worst Remake: Krrish 3

Worst Couple: Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif for Dhoom:3

Worst Supporting Actor (Male): Imran Khan for Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara!

Worst Supporting Actor (Female): Ameesha Patel for Race 2 and Shortcut Romeo

Shit Nobody Saw: Sona Spa

Kuoting Krap With Karan: Salman Khan.

That’s Anything But Sexy: Grand Masti

The award ceremony was attended by Riteish Deshmukh, Archana Puran Singh, Parmeet Sethi, Kunal Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, Maria Goretti and Mini Mathur among others.

Riteish even went up onstage to receive the award for Grand Masti under the category – Anything But Sexy. And that was really sporting of him, we have to admit. This is the second time that someone from B-town has actually stepped up to attend this event. Before this, Sonam Kapoor was the first one to walk up onstage and collect her Ghanta award, which she had won in the ‘WTF Was That’ category for Mausam in 2012.

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  • akshay

    mr. vinod u jerk….whu gave u authorty to b a journalist….u r sch a insane shit…or may b u shud chk ur study background…r u blind to see the category in whch bhai is there….cud u explain me… where does ds connect vd actng u jerk….

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  • HonestAbe

    Shahrukh Khan was probably the worst actor in Chennai Express. He overacted and this SRK paid site just targeted his competitors.

    • guest

      I ddint watch or even like Hindi movies but i really enjoyed Chennai express, infact it prompted me to watch other Hindi movies. Chennai express movie is of the over the top action romantic comedy block boster type it’s only expected that they’ll be “Over acting “, SRK did exactly what the script required of him. Sorry to disappoint you.

      • varun

        Worst audience award goes to you..for admiring chennai express(!!)..”There is no accounting for taste”

        • fazal

          chennai express was a nice movie thats y it became a blockbuster nd the worst audience n critics award goes to u for not liking it only climax was bad other was nice nd there s accounting for taste too

        • guest

          Dude it’s sad that it disturbs you that pple like me actually like C.E & Srk’s acting so much so you feel the need 2 give me an award.
          Thought it was SRK who said there’s no accounting for taste”?, good 2 know u at least quote a phrase 4rm him. But then i don’t really care what u think of my taste. Again, sorry to2 disappoint u.

    • deep

      this s nt site paid by shahrukh,salman was definitely the worst actor in all movies he acted so far…nd also in jai ho
      shahrukh is definitely way better actor than salman khan

  • guest

    Awards r also biased coz they target only the big stars & mostly the big banner movies. I don’t see it as a way of providing constructive criticism for acting prowess, rather it’s just made to ridicule certain individuals.

  • sam

    who the hell bloddy said aamir and katrina were worst couple? they were the best couple of 2013. atleast much better than katrina with old srk or salman. and if they are worst couple than srk and katrina were like father daughter couple.

    • srkian

      Oh really Katrina was like mother for amir in d3

      • Ak fan

        Your comment shows how much illiterate you are. My grandfather looks younger than your icon. Srk. By the way no matter what a morons like you think aamir was the only one amongst the three khans who looked good with katrina. If you see katrina as his mother than may be you need to go to a doctor and check your eyes weather they are working or not. Or maybe go to a psychiatrist to check your brain.