Salman Khan: Larger-than-life hero

Salman Khan is back in action. Not too long ago, ‘realism’ in films was the thing. But with Wanted, Dabangg, Ready, Bodyguard and maybe Arya 2 in tow, Salman seems to be targeting the ’70s type masala entertainer that made critics and audiences alike dance in the aisles. The superstar talks about his re-found glory, marriage and Being Human…

Salman Khan is no longer an elusive man. The magic of movies (read film promotions) has enchanted him as well. Dapper in a light blue T-shirt and black pants, Salman settles down to being friendly…

Ready is the remake of a south Indian movie. So are some of your other movies. Is this a deliberate move?

Apparently the punches and dialogues are in those films. I don’t know if this is a coincidence. Earlier they used to copy our films because we made films on heroism. Most of my father’s scripts have been broken down and copied in the south. Now Dabangg is being remade there. When you do Hollywood remakes, the whole world is watching. But these films have not been seen except by people from that region. Also, they have not let heroism go. Suddenly we have gone into these phases of making love stories, rom-coms, niche films, gay films…

Today everyone is doing different and niche films…

I don’t think anybody is doing that anymore. I think from Amsterdam they want to go down to Andheri. And I don’t want to do neech (niche) films (smiles).

With the success of Ready, it looks like you have finally hit upon a success formula…

No, it’s not like that. I am sure I would go wrong in that formula as well. Because once you start doing something, you tend to get carried away. You start taking that image to be you and think you can do anything, so then it gets farfetched and you become a caricature of yourself.

You have some larger-than-life roles, like in Ready. Don’t you fear being typecast?

What’s wrong with that?! You are enjoying it!

We heard that you re-shot the songs Character Dheela and Dhinkachika. Why so?

When I decided that the songs need to be shot again everyone asked me why I am doing it. I saw the video, I heard the audio and I don’t think they matched. I had something else in mind and that’s why I re-shot. The only thing that I wanted was the song to be slightly better, and I think we got that.

Last year you were nominated for so many awards and won some as well. Do you think people have woken up to your talent at last?

I don’t want any awards. I don’t go to awards functions. In fact, I tell my producers also to not put me as a nominee in the Best Actor category. When that one nominee section is vacant, it can go to somebody else.

But every actor – big or small – craves for that the kind of recognition…

I get it when the theatres are full. I get it when I hear the claps in the theatres. When the film goes from the single theatres to multiplexes – that’s also an award for me. I’d rather believe in these rewards than those awards.

When films were failing at the BO you hit the jackpot. What did you do right, d’you think?

There were also times when everyone’s films were working and my films were bombing, left, right and centre. But I didn’t panic at that point of time, because I knew those films were going to bomb. I had to do them because I liked the script, but I could not put my foot down. Today I have realised one thing: the guy who pays 10 rupees and someone who pays 500 rupees to see the movie – I have a responsibility towards them.

One hears that you have been deeply involved in the making of your films, from the script to songs to the editing…

I always did that. But when you get kicked in the ass, na, you’ll always go two steps forward.

Does that mean like Aamir, you too would like to get into direction?

No. But I will work under Aamir’s direction, when I have lots of time, hanh!

Aamir Khan and John Abraham have told the media that they wish you would get married. Aamir even said it would be possible by tying your hands and legs….

Tell Aamir that I will tie up his hands and legs and see to it that he does not get married again! And John at least has a girl he can get married to. Whom will I get married to? There is no one yaar!


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