Salman Khan launches first Being Human store video on his Facebook page

And with that, after Amitabh Bachchan, the Tiger actor’s the latest B-towner to join the popular networking site

Superstar Salman Khan has been sporadically entertaining and engaging his fans and also clearing the air around stories that irk him, on Twitter. And now the Ek Tha Tiger superstar has found a new platform to interact with his fans – Facebook. His page is But before he and his ilk want us all to rave and rant about Salman’s entry to FB – we thought, didn’t he always have a fan page on the social networking portal? And btw, he also has a Being Human official page on the site.

Anyway, so today Sallu miyaan’s announced that he is officially on FB and also unveiled a video of the first Being Human store. The page is also a treasure chest for SK fans, as he has put up some exclusive and candid moments captured from his personal and professional life. For instance, the picture you see is of Salman sharing his bed with his beloved doggies. Cute, na?

So we are glad that Sallu’s broadening his horizons and getting fan-friendly. But will his busy life leave him with time and energy to interact with his diehard fans? Or will he too be like Aamir Khan – an Eid ka chand – and interact with his fans only during the release time of his masaledar movies?

We must say when it comes to tweeting and blogging, the senior most superstar Amitabh Bachchan is most committed and dedicated to this social (networking) cause. Don’t you think so?