Salman Khan loses a brand endorsement deal because of Bigg Boss 10 – read deets

We had earlier reported that Salman Khan lost an endorsement deal to Ranveer Singh. The reasons for the same we believe, had to do with his recent comment regarding the Pakistani artistes’ ban. However, turns out his comment isn’t the reason behind the company’s decision to not sign the actor. Okay, let’s start from the top. The Tubelight actor’s contract with a big beverage brand expired a month ago. The brand chose not to renew the contract with the 51 year old actor. There were even reports stating that Ranveer Singh was in talks to replace Salman as the new endorser of the product. We believed that perhaps it was the actor’s recent backlash faced on his controversial comment about Pakistani artistes’ ban that sparked this decision. However, turns out that’s not the case. A statement has been issued by the brand as well as Salman Khan that sheds light on what really resulted in the company’s decision to not renew contract with the actor.

The joint statement by Salman Khan and Coca Cola (the brand which chose to not renew contract with the actor), goes like this –

There have been some media reports this evening that discusses the contractual agreements between brand Thums Up and Salman Khan. In light of the media interest and numerous inquiries that both parties have received, we find it prudent to clarify that:

1. Salman Khan was committed to an existing relationship with a daily TV show, which this year happens to be sponsored by a brand that competes with the Coca-Cola India product portfolio

2. In light of this, both parties have mutually decided not to renew their current contract.

We do not have any further information to provide at this point. We appreciate your interest and outreach

Although initially the brand chose to not respond to the reports. Word is, The company’s decision to not to renew the contract with the 50-year-old actor is more to do with the image of Coca Cola, which is seen as a young brand, a source said. “That explains why Coca Cola is talking to a much younger star like Ranveer Singh,” the source added. Looks like it’s not the image of the brand but the sponsor of Bigg Boss 10 that has caused the actor to lose an endorsement deal. As you might have noticed by now, Appy Fizz is sponsoring Bigg Boss 10. Technically Appy and Coca Cola are rival brands as not only does Appy belong to Parle Agro but as a drink itself, it acts as a competitor to Coca Cola. Perhaps that’s the reason why the brand doesn’t want to sign up with the actor. (ALSO READ: Salman Khan loses this endorsement deal coz of his comment on Pakistani artists ban?)

Well, are you guys gonna miss Mr Khan as the crazy stuntsman in Thums Up ads? Do you think Ranveer Singh would do justice to the product? Tell us in the comments section below! Stay tuned to this space for more gossips and latest updates.