Salman Khan loses his cool again… lashes out at journalist!

Apparently this time it was because the intrepid reporter called Sallu for a comment on his ex girlfriend Katrina Kaif’s leaked holiday photos with Ranbir Kapoor!

Salman Khan seems to be really getting affected by news headlines these days, especially those that don’t involve him. Our Bandra-based feathered friend has chirped some garma garam news to us telling us what has Sallu fuming… once again.

When the sensational photos of Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif on holiday in Spain went viral on the Internet, curiosity levels in B-town hit at an all time high; every publication and news channel was desperately vying for the pictures, all in order to gain higher TRPs. And some were more daring than others – we heard that a TV journo tried his hand at cashing in on the scoop… but little did he know it would backfire so nastily!

We are told the brave – or was he just plain ignorant or foolish? A death wish, perhaps? – journalist phoned Khan to get his ‘byte’ on the leaked photos. For a minute, the actor-journo talked about everything but the pictures. And when the Mental star realised that the conversation was veering towards the leaked images, he decided to give the reporter an earful. Our khabroo says that Sallu was so annoyed with the journalist’s intentions for the call, so asked him to hang up, since he was busy. But after a little more determined poking, the annoyed actor couldn’t take it any more – he lashed out over the phone, with the choicest of maa behen ka gaalis. The poor reporter! Little did he think that he would be facing Sallu’s wrath when he decided to call for a quote!

This time we don’t really blame the Being Human actor for his temper, especially considering the fact that he’s already disturbed with people invading his privacy and infringing on his personal life. And then he has a court case that is getting more serious by the day to deal with. What do you think he should have done, peeps?