Salman Khan: Narendra Modi will get what is in his destiny

The Jai Ho star’s recent visit to Gujarat for his film’s promotion turned into a political drama

Salman Khan and Narendra Modi were together flying kites and sharing Undhiyu for lunch, when the Dabangg Khan was there for his film’s promotions. However Salman sharing the stage with Modi hasn’t gone down well with some politicians who have staged protest march against the actor and burnt his effigies in Patna. While NaMo had a lot of good things to say about this Bollywood star, Sallu tried hard to make balanced and politically correct statements on this podium. Sallu answered questions on Modi as India’s Prime Minister and about his time with the controversial politician with utmost care. Salman said, “I have been impressed by the development in Gujarat. Seeing everyone happy and content gives me immense pleasure. The best man for the country should be the PM, good man (Narendra Modi) is standing next to me. God should decide who should be the best man for India. Jo Modi sahab ke takdeer mei hai woh unko milega, (Modi will get what is in his destiny). Aap ke liye Modi saab hai best man, for me Priya Dutt is the best person in my Bandra constituency.”