Salman Khan not the IIFA ambassador?

They say they will attend, then they say they will not attend…who is going to be the main man at IIFA this year?

Now we are truly confused. We gave you the story of how Salman had taken over IIFA ambassador-ship from Amitabh Bachchan for this year’s event in Toronto. And we speculated on how that came about, what with Akshay Kumar being the logical main man in Canada and all that. And we also told you – think back! – that IIFA folk insisted that the film industry was the real ambassador of the whole shebang, never mind that they are the ones who had come up with the whole ‘ambassador’ concept for the awards. Now we are told that Sallu bhai will not be at IIFA this time, since he has – or so he says – a shoot for Bodyguard that he cannot miss out on. Of course, with our usual nasty suspicious minds at work full-steam, we cannot help thinking that he could be avoiding the do because our man Shahrukh Khan is going to be doing a full-on, high-powered song and dance routine, presumably to promote his sci-fi RA.One. Which makes SRK the popular hero of the event, and we all know how Salman and Shahrukh get along soooo well – not! And now we also understand why the Bachchan clan is not going to be in attendance, apart from the old panga that happened with the awards held in Sri Lanka last year. Ash and Abhi have big baby news and Paa and Ma will presumably want to be in the house rather than on the other side of the globe. But Salman…what is the real story behind all this jhamela? We want to know!