Salman Khan offers financial help to Panvel accident victims

Salman gives Rs 5 Lakh to the victims of bus accident

The Being Human actor shows his humanitarian side yet again!

Salman Khan who is known for his humble gestures did it again. The Dabangg dude recently gave Rs 5 lakh to the families of accident victims which took place in Panvel.

A passenger bus comprising of about 30-35 families, met with a horrendous accident on the Panvel highway which is very near to our eternal bachelor’s farmhouse. Apparently, Sallu was quite worried by the accident and hence without giving a second thought, he decided to help the families by lending a support of Rs 5 lakh, to each family.

Now isn’t that sweet? We have to admit that the Dabangg actor never fails to disappoint his fans. What say, people?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • manoj mishra

    nice sir ur big….ur god…i miss u sir…ek moka ham ko sir….ilu…

  • Raja

    Salman bhai ji main vrindavan main rahoon aur sab moku aapke naam tei bulaye. Bhai ek baar ph. Karo mere bache aap kun bhoot yaad kare

  • Raja

    Salman bhai ji main aapki copy hoon.

  • Asif Iqbal

    Thats why we respect Salman bhai… We love so much salman bhai.. u r our ideal…

  • Balqiss

    May Allah bless u for your kind heart. u are really a hero both in professionally and humanity. In Shaa Allah, you will never be defeated in your life. keep it up

  • salman

    No body have a good hear like salu in this world, but yes there are alot of people who dont wanna see him happy who like to make his name durty. he is what he is and no body can change or take that. he have a good soul and a clean heart.

  • Md Imtiyazuddin

    Salman khan is golden heart person he is a real hero in our earth he is my ideal inshallha one day meet him

  • rustam ansari

    dear sir
    may net ke zariye se aap se contact karne ki bahut kosis karta rahta hou magar may nakam hou aap se request hai yade aap kuch lekh kar mere id pe send kar de to hame samaj me aye ga ki may aap ke karib hou aur mujhe accha lagega. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sir