Salman Khan or Hrithik Roshan – whose mask is better? Vote!

Salman Khan or Hrithik Roshan – whose mask is better? Vote!

Salman will be seen wearing a mask in his upcoming film Kick, like Hrithik wore it in Krrish and Krrish 3. So which one is your favourite out of the two?

The much-awaited trailer of Salman Khan’s upcoming film, Kick is out and after watching it, all we can say is that the Dabangg Khan is back to make the masses go crazy. And he is back in a different avatar, let us add. If you have seen the trailer, you will know that the actor will be seen wearing a mask in the film. But looking at his mask, we couldn’t help but compare it to the one Hrithik Roshan wore in Krrish and Krrish 3.

So, BollywoodLifers, if you had to pick your favourite amongst the two, which one it would be? Well, if you ask us, we found the Krrish mask more dramatic than the Devil mask. But then as they say, different people, different choice.

Which one is your favourite BolywoodLifers – Salman’s mask from Kick or Hrithik’s from Krrish and Krrish 3?

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  • Karan

    Of course Hrithik’s Krrish mask.

  • vamsi

    HR is original whereas salman is a copycat.

  • Amal

    Salman Khan

  • Amal

    Hrithik roshan

  • jjjjj

    It’s a wrong question. The right question: whoes face is better. 100% Hrithik!

  • sumit prakash

    i think the context is independent .. Hrithik wore the mask to be a super hero but Salman seems to have worn as a theif … the comparison with aamir khan from dhoom 3 is better though salman khan would beat him there …

    • Karan

      But Aamir didn’t wear a mask in Dhoom 3 wihle stealing banks in USA, and no camera caught his face LOL.

  • Aafreen saifi

    Hritik mask is amazing hritik or salman ko compare kerna hi bewakufi hai Hritik is the bestest in the world

  • bang all

    Do not compare Hrithik to any actor specially khans..comparing him with others is insult to hrithik….he is much more better than all of them…and yes Hrithik mask is best and he will look best in any damn outfit….no one can match him atleast for next 100yrs…..

    • anjali

      i agree with you…hr is best

  • Bismillah Faqiri

    Salaman khan defiantly

  • Velocity

    HRITHIK IS BAAP crap actor salman ! salman copied the mask clearly. Khans ka baap hai hrithik. khans are wastage of bollywood

  • hrk all the way

    Whenever in voting for Hrithik,his percentage of votes go down….is this d trap against hrk….anyway no one can beat the Greek god of indian cinema…hrithik rocks…

  • Saurabh

    No comparison b/w HR and Salman..HR is far ahead of Salman.

  • saqeeb

    Mask suit hi nahi ho raha salmaan par……….becuase there is no one like hrithik

  • Raksha OA

    of course hrithik u can’t even compare any khans or any one with mask to his face he is more handsome with mask and without mask than any other actor or any other khans

  • Tahir Malik

    Sumit has given the perfect answer

  • krisi mihova

    Hrithik of course

  • sam

    hrithik sir DEFINATLY. salman is not fit for any mask.

  • VNR


  • vijay

    hrithik ofcourse.hez the best…hands down….

  • Saurabh order to save rationality on the earth…don’t let Salman go ahead of HR in this poll..this world will be doomed if that happens

  • andika putra

    Hrithik disable and weak

  • jia

    andika putra go and f***k ur self bitch u r disable

  • Christine Fain

    Is there really a question here? Seriously? Hrithik Roshan is number 1 with 10 Million fans–WORLD WIDE–because he’s our super hero and first love, the man who stole our hearts and our breath, the coolest and honest star on the planet! No One Compares To HRITHIK !!!

  • bang bang-hrk all d way

    Almost 95% comments r wid Hrithik so do not know how Salman got those many votes….is it bollywoodlife manupilating d votes….anyway hrk is d best whose mask is also d best…no one can mactch his calibre….

  • salman Kick khan

    salman khan and devil

  • زهرة البنفسج

    Salman khan

  • Hamudin Adjah

    only hrithik the best ever..