Salman Khan plans to visit US for health check-up

Salman Khan plans to visit US for health check-up

The Dabangg star who was operated last year for his twin neurological problems will head to the US for a health examination at the end of this month

During the shoot of Kabir Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger in Cuba, Salman Khan had complained of a mild pain in his jaw after which he had flown to the US to receive special treatment for twin neurological problems in his brain, trigeminal neuralgia and aneurysm. Now, with the reappearance of the problem, the members of the Khandaan are a little worried.

The superstar had confessed of screaming in pain and he underwent intense medicinal therapy for several years. However, his aneurysm – an arteriovenous malformation that seems to have ballooned into an aneurysm – was left untouched despite the initial plan to surgically remove it. “The aneurysm is still there and it cannot be operated or removed due to its location (near the spinal cord). The size is about 3.3 mm,” Sallu informed during an interview, adding that he’s doing a health follow-up soon.

Salman will visit the American doctors for the usual check-up on January 22. The filmmakers’ most favourite actor is expected to begin shooting for brother Sohail Khan’s (tentatively titled) Mental soon. Whether or not Salman’s schedule will go as planned, we don’t know. But let’s hope our dearest bhai gets back to his usual healthy self as soon as possible!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Aang

    we’ll pray for u,Bhai… hopefully u will get health totally and therefor spread many happiness for needy people. amin…. شفاك الله

  • razen

    salman brope sounds cool you have to go man and come back soon

  • Aniya

    Salman get well soon, our love and wishes are always with you.

  • Diza

    Dear salman darling get well soon In Shaa-Allah, our love and prayers are always and forever with you. much love.

  • sunny shah

    dear salman khan we pray for your wellness. get well soon and keep remain as king of bollywood and rocking the world

    u r the only person in bollywood to help needy people and to donate blood

    get well soon sallu bhai