Salman Khan, Rani Mukerji, Shahrukh Khan, Ekta Kapoor: Who needs anger management lessons?

Posted Tue, March 5, 2013 3:56pm IST

After his recent alleged altercation with newbie Varun Dhawan, Sohail Khan, the ever-so-furious brother of Salman Khan is again in the news for his volatile temper. And he is not the only one living on the hair-trigger edge. We take a look at B-town folks who desperately need to learn how to keep that hot head cool…

In this day and age, when tempers fly sky high at the slightest provocation, how could Bollywood celebs remain immune to the rising rage syndrome? Recently, when Varun Dhawan, son of director David Dhawan got an earful from an enraged Salman Khan for his tiff with Sallu’s brother Sohail Khan, the Student Of  The Year star decided to keep his lips tightly sealed about the entire episode, but clarified later that it never happened and that the story was the fabrication of a hyperactive media mind.

Perhaps we will never know what the truth is, who was at fault and who was at the receiving end. But we know for sure that it’s not just Salman Khan whose temper hits the alarmingly dangerous red zone every now and then. There are other B-town folks who are equally notorious for their fury and need anger management lessons for the benefit of others…if not for their own wellbeing…






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