Salman Khan reverts to his bratty ways!

The Dabangg dude’s recent ‘good boy’ appearances seem to have been a short-lived mood-swing thing

Over the last two years we thought Salman Khan was a changed man. The biggest brat in Bollywood had put his tumultuous love life on the back burner and begun to focus on his lacklustre career. He gave up his anti-media attitude and turned into one of the most charming and candid interviewees of recent times. All thanks to his charity organisation, Being Human. The actor has big and noble plans for it. During the promotions of his last release Ready, Salman not only wooed the media, but went all out to show his gratitude towards the workers of Film City studios. And who can forget his undying affection for children – not just the ones from his family, but also the underprivileged kids? Post the success of Wanted and Dabangg, we saw a very friendly and mature Salman, one that we respected and liked. But just when he is about to become the biggest Khan ever, box office wise, he seems to be intent on ruining it all. Recently reports were out that he got into a heated argument with Bunty Walia (Sohail Khan and he ran GS Entertainment together but due to differences, parted ways) at Sanjay Dutt’s surprise birthday bash for wife Manaayata Dutt, followed by another exchange of words with the host of the evening. Sanjay has just denied the reports, but he says, “Even if we do quarrel, it will be like a fight between brothers. We always come back together. I have known Salman since he was young….” We hear that, but doesn’t it just retract Dutt’s statement? We wonder. The truth about what happened that night will remain a secret between the people present, but what is for all to see is that old habits tend to die hard where Salman is concerned. He has a long history of getting into brawls after a couple of drinks. This time he seems to be riding pretty high on the back-to-back successes at the box office as well, which could bode badly for his image in general. Pity, coz we kinda approved of the good boy side of the original bad child!