Salman Khan said ‘Ek baar maine jo commitment kar di’ – so how did Sana Khan get lucky?

Salman Khan said ‘Ek baar maine jo commitment kar di’ – so how did Sana Khan get lucky?

Nobody keeps a promise as staunchly as superbrat Salman Khan does, just as he said in Wanted. This time, Sana Khan, last seen in Bigg Boss 6 benefits…

It’s almost the real-life fallout of the famous dialogue from his movie Wanted: ‘Ek baar maine jo commitment kar di, toh phir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta’. And Salman Khan believes in practicing in real life what he preaches in reel life. In his upcoming movie Mental – being made by his younger brother’s Sohail Khan Productions banner – Sallu is launching a new would-be star. And that newbie is the petite emotional girl Sana Khan, from Big Boss 6.

He promised her a film when they spoke during the show, and now Salman has kept his word. He has given Sana the big opportunity of being launched in a movie with him. And this ain’t something that could be taken for granted, we all know, but what Salman says, Salman obviously does, much to Sana’s advantage, this time. As we all know, bhai is known to have given many new faces to the industry and almost all of them became known faces, from Katrina Kaif to Zarine Khan and Sonakshi Sinha; yeah, well, Sneha Ullal of Lucky fame was not that…err…lucky, no! Let’s see if this tradition holds true for the new girl in town as well.

But this news didn’t come as much of a surprise for Sana. As she says, “Like most of you who watched me on the reality show might already know by now, I`m too fragile-hearted and don`t take disappointments easily. So although I knew Salman would honour his word to launch me in Bollywood, I was trying not to be too excited before things started shaping up.” When we dug around, we found that Mental may be Sana’s official entry into Bollywood, but she isn’t a complete newbie; she has done 14 films in five languages and has appeared in over 50 commercials.

The gal is gonna be in good company in this one. Apart from Salman, Mental also stars other known faces including southern beauty Daisy Shah, and Life of Pi’s Tabu. Will Sana stand out in this crowd? If Salman promises she will….she will!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Ralph

    THAT is Salman khan! Who ever hates him.. I hate them.

  • suha

    all the best sana khan. want to see you more on bigg screen loved you from bigg boss days.. bigg tight slap on face of karishma kotak.. ye muuh aur masoor ki dal

    • daisy

      u r absolutely rong, no instead i must blind or in a case mental lyk salman, i dnt lyk karisma bt indeed she thousand times better den sana aunti who says hrself 24 bt is 28 yr old, leave age case aside, hr face is full of evil n ugly tricks r.i.p mental film,

  • Reina

    he is a Great man I love Salmannnnnnnnnn God bless him

    • bharrat

      salman khan is agreat hero in bollywood

  • Loath

    I am kinda annoyed at Salman..I love him but he STILL hasn’t worked with Kangana and its been what like three and a half years now. Ugh.

  • Noman khan

    i m big fans on Salman khan my f8 Hero offf Salamn khan