Salman Khan says no to ‘Bodyguard’ sequel

Salman Khan says no to ‘Bodyguard’ sequel

Salman, who has been signing films left, right and centre, has finally decided to let go of the sequel to his super hit film and focus on a new film instead

When it comes to logic in films, Salman Khan clearly doesn’t really care much. The 46-year-old superstar has been packing a punch that could set four men flying in the air, throwing his shirt open with a strong gush of water and playing a skirt chaser when he should actually be doing mature roles. With his last three blockbusters – Dabangg, Ready & Bodyguard – Sallu has proved that with his star power even nonsensical films can work at the box-office. So when we heard that Salman’s sister Alvira and brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri were planning to cash in on the success of Bodyguard with a sequel, we were sure it would happen, especially since it’s a time when sequels and remakes are being made by the hoards.

We hoped against hope though that Salman wouldn’t do any more of those illogical and incoherent films. And fortunately our prayers were answered. Salman, before going to the US for a check up for the facial neuralgia, said in an interview, “There was no story to take forward (in Bodyguard). It all ended beautifully. It’s true that we had contemplated a sequel, but Baby (younger sister Alvira) and Atul agreed with me that there was no point (to make it). So, we’ve now decided to make another film together, but the work hasn’t started on it yet.”

We agree that Bodyguard had no scope for a sequel left and it’s great that Salman has finally taken a logical decision. Sallu already has two sequels on hand – Dabangg 2 and No Entry 2, so why struggle to get another! Come on Sallu, we are sure that with 20 years of experience in the industry, you can definitely come up with some original ideas to entertain your fans!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • chetana parekh

    hi salman bro kem cho tame maja ma gujrat ma avo gujrat ma baroda pase halol amne madva avo pls

  • Ryan

    Dabang2 and No Entry 2 are originals and so were Dabangg and No Entry part ones. Salman has worked in about 80 films in the past 20 years. If you can only see 3-4 remakes and can’t see the rest, it’s your fault. His fans are happy with him. Your advice is not required.

  • Raman

    1 or 2 scenes of Dabangg and Bodyguard were illogical like removing the shirt and jumping out from one train to another but that were for Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment..!! Other things in Dabangg, Ready and Bodyguard were very much logical and Dabangg got the prestegious NATIONAL AWARD!!! While Ra.One and Don2′s whole scripts were illogical & nonsense, most of the scenes and sequences were also nonsense and rubbish but u stupid SRK fans never complained, but your jealousy is clearly visible in Salman’s case.

  • vanshika khanna

    Hiiiiiiiiiiii salman ji how r u handsome? kya mast lg rhe ho yr red t-shirt m yr.Salman ji kya mast body h yr apki, mujhe to bhot bindaas lgte ho ap.i m very bigggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg fan for u.ok handsome by apna khyal rkha kro i misssssssssssssss u so much.Buy and Best wishes for your coming next films.

  • sitaram

    i am good you about me

  • daniyal

    raman i think u r the biggest idoit in the world don 2 script was briliant thats why it not only collects huge money but also get extremly positive reviews bodyguard was a nonsence movie one man fall in love with a girl on phne is it a joke totaly waste of time

    • Raman

      daniyal, u are an unrelistic fool who just blindly worship the joker called SRK thats why even a crap like Don2 is good 4u. A don has no gang and fights like cow boys of streets? A dön doesn’t command his men 2 do the job 4 him, rather he does all the crimes by his own hand like a cheap thief. Can u imagine the real Don Dawood Ibrahim doing all those cheap things which SRK was doing in his nonsensd film! Can u imagine Dawood Ibrahim (real don) himself going to a bank and doing all the hard work to do the bank robbery? Ridiculous.. and utter rubbish. And for ur kind info, i am a happily married man and it was a love marriage, and my love story was started over phone, we became crazy for each other without even seeing photos.. u cant imagine how big the world of love is.. otherwise u would definitely know that there are many more love stories hapenning on the earth same as BODYGUARD’s love story. Ur wisdom is too limited to understand the heart touching amazing love story of BODYGUARD. And again 4 ur info.. Bodyguard got far better ratings than the garbage Don2 and do u really want to discuss the Earth-Shattering business of Bodyguard at box office and a moderate business of the idiotic film Don2? Hah???

      • swaranjeet singh(punjab)

        u are th edumbest person on this whole earth ……. oh wait i suppose this is agents of salman khan writing nonsense about srk …. go get life sallu lallu ….. srk is the real king who has got fame at international fame ….. sallu lallu u are the most overhyped actor and murderer ……..

    • sani

      you know that’s funny because despite the fact that don 2 in your opinion was a good movies it did not manage to break any records of bodyguard, it is pretty strange don’t you think. Also even had managed to make that much money because it was released in so many places and in two different versions

  • sandy

    bodygaurd was BIG TIME BORE movie.i could watch just for salman sake.otherwise it was slow movie.don 2 on thr hand may b not super duper but was interesting with twists.
    P.S im not fan of either sallu or srk

  • k11

    Bodyguard was the WORST FILM EVERN IN 2011, i mean cm’n a 5 year old kid reads a whole diary and a random friend who sticks next to kareena all day decides to steal her love just pathetic



  • surejm

    bhai u rock