Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt discussing the title of Imtiaz Ali’s next will make you go crazy with curiosity

When Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma’s Imtiaz Ali film comes out and becomes a big hit, they will owe Salman Khan a big party as he is the one who announced the release date to be August 11, 2017. Salman took to Twitter and shared the release date of the untitled film but the title is still under the wraps. The actor’s tweet started a discussion about a film that doesn’t even have a title yet. Yep! Shah Rukh, Anushka, Alia are busy discussing the title suggestions on Twitter. Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt have joined them.

Karan is requesting SRK to go with the title he suggested. And being the good friends they are SRK might just. Now we are not only wondering what is the title of the film but also about Karan’s suggestion. Karan also revealed that Alia has also suggested a movie title. SRK and Alia are riding high on the success of Dear Zindagi, so we are sure Alia’s suggestion also counts as important.




SRK replied to Karan Johar saying that the two titles are on top of his list, but he is doing the final checks just to be completely sure. C’mon! Make up your mind already.  The Ring is so unlike Imtiaz Ali. Isn’t it?

Tweets from SRK’s close friends and fans are also pouring in. And many of them are really good. SRK is welcoming all suggestion with open hands, just like his signature pose.



Talking about the release, Shah Rukh playing on the famous dialogue by Salman said that now Salman Bhai has given a commitment for the release date, they don’t have a say about it anymore.